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(SPSNY) 7 Habits of Highly Successful SharePoint Professionals

A look at the qualities that drives SharePoint Professionals from a project, professional development, and community perspectives.

Mr. Shadeed

on 11 August 2011

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Transcript of (SPSNY) 7 Habits of Highly Successful SharePoint Professionals

Meet the Speaker/Introduction The 7 Habits of Highly Effective SharePoint Professionals Shadeed Q.Eleazer, MCTS Learning Objectives
List/explain the key factors that exist within every top notch SharePoint professional
List/explain the intangibles that each SharePoint professional should have to prepare for new SharePoint releases
Walkthrough common traits that define the modern SharePoint professionals
Case studies and examples leveraging the top SharePoint professionals in the community
Provide answers and resources to questions Audience
Practice Lead: Understand personnel decisions needed
Transitioning IT Pro: Understand what it takes to get started
Experienced SharePoint Pros will receive a roadmap to go from good-to-great
SharePoint Novices: Demystify the processes behind the top SharePoint professionals My Online Resources:
www.sharepoint-careers.com Building a Better SharePoint Practice
Additional Titles Include:
SharePoint Roles and Responsibilities
Transitioning Into SharePoint Careers
SharePoint as a Service Model
7 Habits of Highly Effective SharePoint Professionals
Certifying End Users Why do we Need to Identify Performance Metrics
in SharePoint Professionals?

Unlike other technologies, SharePoint is a demand driven technology, not a requirements driven technology platform
No two SharePoint professionals are built the same
What is the one role within the SharePoint community that has suffered the greatest?
With each platform release, SharePoint Practices need to better define its mission both internally and externally Session Tidbits Based upon FAQ received from the following sources
* User group attendees
* Staffing professionals
* SharePoint Practice Leads
* Independent SharePoint consultants with no budget
to properly recruit
Loosely based upon best-selling book
Based upon a true story Shadeed Eleazer, MCTS
Over 11 years of service -IT industry
Federal IT SharePoint Support
Build, Test, Configure, Deploy
Configuration Management
Platform Integration
Co-founder, Baltimore SharePoint User Group 1.Clarity of Focus SharePoint is overwhelming to learn
Huge learning curve
Successful SharePoint professionals
pick an area of focus and master it
Famous examples include: 2.Embrace the Unknown Things change. Things break. Its ok. We'll fix it.
"I don't know everything but I'll find the answer
Confidence backed by experience
They just "figure things out"
They rise to challenge in defining moments 3.Sleep. What's that? 4.Driven by Challenges. Not by Paycheck 5. Will Impact Entire Organization Perform well beyond 40 hour business model
Spends time researching new methods to complete tasks.
Dedicated to the platform and its advancements Professional development is the prime motivation
Will work for less if given the opportunity to learn more SharePoint impacts every facet of an organization
SharePoint Pros possess unique end-user relationship
Feedback from SharePoint team will improve overall org 6. Understands Big Picture View of SharePoint Listens to End User before developing deliverable
Engages stakeholders
Delivers solutions for the business. Not on the business. 7. Connected to Community No professional is an island
Connected to a knowledge base greater than themselves
Transitions from active community member to thought leader Questions Thank You. www.linkedin.com/in/mrshadeed Why is this important? Your specialty? Does this impact SharePoint
teams? This session is based strongly on my observations.
Use as framework to hone your perspective What were my observations? Where's the Roadmap? There's a common thread "Wow to How" Top 5 Reasons: 1. Extra Time 2.Make a difference Community?
No comprendo Innovation Defiicent Recommendation 7 Habits FAQ Discussions not lecture
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