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Harry Potter

No description

justin lotz

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of Harry Potter

From ordinary to extraordinary
Harry Potter
Harry Potter and his Leadership Style
Harry's Weaknesses
Academically Lazy
Low Confidence

Relational Leader
Keeping everyone involved
Spirit of the Squirrel
Way of the Beaver
Gift of Goose
Grew up like you and I
People followed him from his distinctions
Leadership is within grasp for all
You can make mistakes and still be a great leader.
-Born to James and Lily Potter in 1980.
-Parents were murdered by Voldemort when he was an infant.
-Harry was left to Lily's sister Petunia and her husband.
-Grew up with them in an abusive and neglectful home.
-Raised to believe that he was worthless.
-He had a rivalry with his cousin that fed into his insecurities as an orphan.
-Whisked away at age 11 to become a wizard.
-He made two close friends quickly at Hogwartz. (Related more with the underdogs.)
-Regardless of his abuses, Harry grew up to be a successful and contributing citizen.
-Adolescents who were victims of abuse are three to five times more likely to commit delinquent acts.
-Abuse or neglect increases the likelihood of arrest for a serious crime as a juvenile by 59%.
-Rejected the status-quo. He was offered fame and popularity but turned it down because he wanted to be normal. He wanted people to see him as an average student.
-Through his troubled history, he was able to overcome and be the best leader that he could be.
-He didn't fall into self-pity, but took action to make his life, and the lives of those around him better.
-Being brave and courageous isn't something we are born with.

Harry as a leader:

*Took risks others didn't take
*Faced conflicts while others avoided them
*Challanged the norms that others simply accepted
*Didn't bail on the team when things got difficult
Distinctions continued..
Encouraging everyone
Necessity for forming Dumbledore's
Honest about the severity and difficulty
Step-by-step guidance for patronus conjuring
Stephanie Baker, Fabiola Ramirez, Stephany Manjarrez, Seth Werner, Justin Lotz, Daniel Carrillo
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