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cougar marching band

No description

Breeanne Atherton

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of cougar marching band

Cougar Marching Band
Problem Statement:
Coorientation Model Students at Washington State University lack an understanding of the Cougar Marching Band and its goals, which leads to inaccurate perceptions and an unsatisfied student body. Lisa Egami
Nicole Smith
Sara Merriman
Dan Geib
Breeanne Atherton
Research Methods 2 Focus Groups
Survey Findings Thank You! Based on our research, we have created
some appropriate campaign elements that will cater to the CMB's needs... 1. "Your Spirit. Your Band." T-Shirts for CMB members Develop a recognizable theme "The best publicity is the students themselves" - Don Hower Could become
the new Summer
band camp shirt 2. Create New Cougar Traditions March with the Band on Game Days March up with the band to Martin Stadium!
Strengthen student/band interaction
Increase student awareness of CMB
Students create "fun" memories with CMB members
Fullfills the students' desire to interact more with the CMB as heard in focus groups CMB on Terrell Mall - 1st day of Fall classes "Live music by CMB" Promote the CMB/School spirit
Raise student awareness of CMB

Evergreen Advertisment
Great promotional opportunity to explain the March and upcoming CMB events Encourage students to support the band Lots of WOM [Word of Mouth] potential Could get Butch
Involved! Goal: To enhance the student/band relationship
while increasing student awareness. Objectives: Increase student awareness of the CMB's mission by 10%
Get 500 students to engage in off-the field interaction with band
To build awareness for the band using three different media outlets (The Daily Evergreen, CMB website, CMB Facebook page) Strategies: Create a new tradition that puts an emphasis on building student/band relationships
Create a recognizable band identity for the CMB [Rebranding]
Tactics: Increased and Interaction = Increased Awareness and a Satisfied Student Body Student Band "Your Spirit. Your Band."
This slogan unites students and band members
Reiterates how the band is important to overall school spirit
Emphasizes the CMB is part of the student identity
Make Shirts to Build Awareness Create a modern and catchy design
Order shirts from TShirt Sink (500 at $3.75/shirt)
Distribute shirts to CMB members
Hand out free shirts to students during games Create WOM [Word of Mouth] campaign to start a new Cougar tradition and increase interaction between the CMB and students Drive students to CMB website/Facebook page to increase student awareness of band's mission Utilize Evergreen Ads to ask students to vote for songs they want CMB to play
Students can vote via CMB website from a list of CMB approved songs - Learn org. info in turn
Email students with link to website to vote

Encourage students to "become a fan" of CMB on Facebook
Prize incentive [group member drawing]
Educate/promote via fan page status

Our quantatative findings were very supportive of the band:
The majority of students think the CMB is an important component to their college experience, sporting events, and overall school spirit.
70% of survey participants agreed that the CMB is a quality band.

Over 73% disagree that they know the goals of the CMB
Students lack awareness of the CMB's online material

-81% of students are not familiar with CMB webpage
-79% are not familiar with CMB's Facebook page
Students value band interaction (64%)
-[Focus group findings]
52% of students disagree about knowing what the CMB's shirt looks like [lack of identity]
-We want to create identity and unity
Additional Findings Word of Mouth Campaign How will you do this?
Set up table in CUB to spread awareness [reserve CUB space 2 weeks prior]
Have students text ten friends about the march
Free Cougar gear used as an incentive 3. Get the Students Informed! Drive students to website and Facebook page to increase student awareness of CMB's mission
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