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Finding Nemo

No description

Mariah Easley

on 30 November 2013

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Transcript of Finding Nemo

Marlin: The hero
Marlin: an orange clown fish with 3 white stripes with a black outline. Marlin believes that Nemo should be afraid of the ocean just like he is because his wife and other fish eggs besides Nemo were eaten by a monster looking fish with big teeth and a long body and very fast reflexes. Marlin doesn’t want Nemo to go to school and is very protective over Nemo and where he goes, Nemo’s first day of school he finds out they went to an area called the “drop off” which is like the edge of their reef and he freaked out and went to the “drop off” to protect Nemo. Marlin also isn’t as funny as a clown fish is supposed to be but towards the end of movie he becomes more social and finally comes up with his sea cucumber joke. Marlin is brave and at the same time afraid of what could happen on his journey and doesn’t trust as many people in the beginning then he starts to a little bit. Marlin is determined to find Nemo and is willing to basically travel the world just to find him. Marlin takes on sharks, jellyfish and others just to get to Nemo in Australia.
Fish Tank Friends
Finding Nemo
The setting in Finding Nemo takes place all over the ocean so I decided to make a collage of the places they go.
Nemo: an orange clownfish with 3 white with a black outline stripes, and a “lucky” fin. Nemo is a little kid if he was a human but very outgoing and bubbly. Nemo wants to explore the world he lives in and see the reef and go to school and learn more about life. Nemo is excited to be going to school but gets mad when he finds out that his dad comes to his field trip. Out of spite Nemo went to go touch the butt but was really the bottom of a butt and then he gets taken away by divers. Nemo arrives in a fish tank and becomes a present for the dentist’s niece Darla. In the fish tank Nemo is given a new name called Shark Bate. Finally being accepted into the group Nemo tried to follow Gill’s plan to get back to the ocean. Nemo fails Gill’s plan and is trying to accept the fact that he is going to be Darla’s new pet. The day Darla arrives Nemo is put in a little baggy with water and he tries to push the bag to roll out of the window and down to the ocean, he gets caught and then plays dead, the doctor goes to put him in the trash can until Gill comes up with a plan to get Nemo to go down the drain and back into the ocean and his plan works. Nemo learns new things while being in the fish tank and applies those skills to being caught in a fisherman net.
Dory: a blue tang fish with a yellow tale and black stripe. Dory has a high pitched and sometimes squeaky voice, Dory is forgetful and has short term memory loss and can read, Dory is really bubbly and talkative and doesn’t look at anything in a bad way like hanging out with sharks, she is kind of gullible when it came to seeing the bombs under water and thinking they were balloons for the “party”.
A great white shark has a motto that fish are friends and not food but when he smells fish blood he gets a little fish frenzy and wants to eat fish, Bruce never knew his father and is emotionally sad about that. Bruce is tough and broke down a metal door in the ship.
Nemo and Marlin's Enemini
This scene shows Nemo's personality and how he feels about school.
Crush and Squirt
Crush: An awesome and totally radical sea turtle that saves Nemo and Dory from a jellyfish accident. Crush is 150 years old and still lives on and has a son named Squirt.
Squirt: A little rock star that flew out of E.A.C (East Australian Current) and swam his way back in, has fun with the other seas turtles and plays games and has a hand shake with his dad.

Call to Adventure:
Marlin is the hero in Finding Nemo because his son Nemo is taken by divers when they are in a fight. The first problem that Marlin encounters though is when his wife and other thousand fish eggs are killed by a monster looking fish that attacks them because his wife tried to swim to save her eggs and the monster fish hit Marlin in the face with his big, strong tail. After that happens Marlin wakes up and finds Nemo in the back of cave where they kept all their eggs and names him Nemo because his wife wanted to one of them Nemo. Marlin faces the biggest problem ever when Nemo is taken away by divers. When Nemo gets taken by divers Marlin tries to chase the boats ripples and ends up losing the boat when he looks at the top of the ocean. This is when Marlin begins his journey.
Refusal of the Call:
Marlin doesn’t exactly hesitate to keep trying to find Nemo but does become hesitant when Dory and he come face to face with a great white shark. Marlin hesitates when he sees the blue diver pop up from the edge of the reef and starts backing up and gets cornered. When Marlin and Dory are invited to the shark meeting, Marlin is called up to the stand and Bruce asks him if he has a problem, and Marlin says no he has no problem at all that shows that he was in denial until he sees the green divers mask and opens up and tells them about his problem.
Dory is the mentor of the novel because she joins Marlin on his journey to find Nemo. Dory takes him through his journey and helps him find out the address of Nemo because Dory says yes to joining Bruce and the other sharks for their “party” and they find the divers mask, and then Dory ends up reading what the masks says when they are in what seems to be the lowest level of the ocean because its pitch black with a bunch of rocks and a scary fish with a light on it to attract pray. Dory also asks the big group of fish to point in the direction of Sydney, Australia and warns Marlin about the double trench and to go through it not under it and Marlin doesn’t listen to her. Dory never had anybody as close to her as Marlin and they have all left her? When Marlin says he wants to leave her she ends up running into Nemo when he pops out of the drain and shows Marlin that Nemo was alive and he isn’t dead.
The first threshold:
Marlin commits to the adventure of Finding Nemo when Nemo first gets taken and he doesn’t end up giving up.
Tests, Allies & Enemies:
In the beginning Marlin is put the test of being a single father. Marlin is faced with the challenge to try and get Nemo back from the divers until he is blinded by an underwater camera. Marlin is faced with the test of going to the sunken ship with a great white shark and seeing the thousands of bombs that are around the ship. Marlin is challenged when he drops the mask and swims to the bottom to find it when he has to fight off an angler fish that is trying to eat them but uses the light so Dory can read the divers mask. Marlin is challenged when he doesn’t listen to Dory about going through the trench so he goes to the top of it and turns out there is a bunch of jellyfish and him and Dory have to find their way out. Marlin’s allies would be Dory, the sharks, the group of fish that point in the direction of Sydney, Crush and the rest of the sea turtles, the whale that eats Dory and Marlin and blows them out of his blow hole in Sydney, and the seagull that takes Marlin to Nemo. Marlin’s enemies I think that one would be himself because he’s afraid of the ocean so he has to overcome his fear to save Nemo, the big fish that kills his wife and other fish eggs, the fish that attacks him and Dory when they reach the darkness of the ocean, and the jellyfish.
Approach the inmost cave:
The most dangerous place in Marlin’s world I think would be the scene when they go to the ship and Marlin hits Dory in the face with the diver’s mask and Bruce smells the blood so he goes on a shark frenzy and tries to eat them, and also Bruce makes a missile from the ship come out of the ship and it touches one of the bombs and makes the whole area explode. I also think that the most dangerous place was the top of the trench when all the jellyfish surrounded Marlin and Dory so they had to try and make their way out, Marlin makes his way out but Dory gets stung and ends up passing out. Marlin goes back in the pool of jellyfish to find Dory and he ends up getting stung so much that he passes out.
Marlin confronts his biggest fear when he ends up taking on the challenge of exploring the ocean and meeting sharks and fighting an angler fish and going through a thousand jellyfish just to find Dory. Also Marlin finally overcomes his fear of Nemo growing up and listening to Nemo when he goes to save Dory and tells all the other fish to swim down in the fisherman net so they don’t get taken away.
At the end of the movie Marlin finds Nemo in the ocean because he came out of a drain and ran into Dory. Dory and Nemo call for Marlin as he swims away in sadness from what he thought Nemo was dead and then is finally reunited with him.
The road back/resurrection
In the movie it doesn’t show their way back, but Bruce comes to visit Nemo and Marlin on his way back and ends up giving him advice that fish are friends and not food. The resurrection is when Marlin realizes that Nemo is going to have to grow up.
Return with elixir:
Marlin returns back to the reef with excitement for him and Nemo. He is the one waking Nemo up for school all excited and wants Nemo to explore more of the ocean like he did. Marlin realizes that sharks are not the enemy that he originally thought but they are now his friends. Marlin learned that sea turtles lived to be 150 years old and are still going strong. Marlin realizes that the ocean isn’t a place to be afraid of but a place of adventure and knowledge. Marlin also learned that it’s okay to move on from the past and be happy with life and enjoy it with people.
The mentor:
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