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School Safety & Commercialism

A close look at search & seizure, crisis management, law enforcement, drug testing, zero tolerance & commercialism in American Schools. This discussion is driven by the content of Chapters 1 & 2 of The School Law Handbook (Bosher & Kaminski)

DRjason Ampel

on 2 February 2016

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Transcript of School Safety & Commercialism

School Safety
Chapter One
Search & Seizure
What does the 4Th Amendment guarantee?
Free from unreasonable searches....(p.3)
The 4Th Amendment made it applicable to the states....
(New Jersey v. T.L.O, 1985)
A teacher discovered a student smoking and the VP Found:
rolling paper
plastic bags
Names of people who owed $$
She was charged with a criminal drug violation, BUT claimed the search violated her 4Th Amendment right....
School officials need NOT have probable cause to search students, ONLY REASONABLE SUSPICION...(p.4)
A search is justified if...
*It reveals evidence that rules were violated
*It is permissible in scope if measures are reasonably related to the objectives of the search....AND not intrusive in light of students age, gender, and nature of offense. (p.4)
SRO's & Schools....
What is the difference between reasonable suspicion & probable cause??
Even if a search is unconstitutional, can the school administration use the results of the search in a disciplinary hearing?
Crisis Management & Planning
Crisis management & planning in a school must be a constant process and priority, even with the knowledge that the steps designed will be applied to an as-yet-unknown event or circumstance. (p.11)
The Three P's
What kind of drills do you remember from school?
Because schools are compulsory,
this adds a degree of responsibility for student safety & welfare...
Schools & Law Enforcement
Law Enforcement & Schools working together...
"memoranda of understanding"
*Did you have a SRO on your HS campus?
*What kind of relationship did you witness between staff and the SRO?
Random Drug & Alcohol Testing
Can a school start a "suspicionless"
alcohol & drug test?
Is testing for drugs or alcohol considered
a search under the 4Th Amendment?
Keep in mind the T.L.O v. New Jersey Case...
"lessening of restrictions to maintain a safe learning environment..."
(1995) Vernonia School District v. Acton
*Random drug testing of student athletes
*It was constitutional
*invasion of student privacy was MINIMAL compared to deterring drug use.
BUT....why is it different than other students? (p.26)
What about Employee Drug & Alcohol Testing?
Can teachers be randomly tested?
(1998) Knox County Education Association v. Knox County Board of Ed.
*Suspicionless drug testing for all individuals applying for or seeking transfer or promotion.
*It was upheld because teachers & admin are on front lines of school safety
What are your thoughts on testing teachers, administrators & students?
Next Topic
ZERO Tolerance
Does research show that zero tolerance policies affect behavior?
What does an SRO do?
As A teacher....ALWAYS..know what you
can and CAN'T do....
What about electronic devices?
Debbie Olson: Elk Ridge Principal
What would you do?
LaMar & Gun Suspension (p.34)
8th Grade Honor Student EXpulsion?
What is definition for ZERO Tolerance?
"predetermined punishment for specific acts, leaving little or no discretion to the school administrator" (p.34)
According to U.S Department of Education:
Chapter 2
Commercialism in Schools

What about something like this?
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