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Modern Writing-with a Nursing Edge

No description

Marcy Hanson

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Modern Writing-with a Nursing Edge

Modern Writing-with a Nursing Edge
So What does this video mean?
People remember stories-our brains are hardwired for it.

How we are presented in the contemporary word, written and oral shape how we view our culture and how nurses are viewed in society.

If we read a story that portrays a nurse as a compassionate, kind person, we want to trust our nurses. If the opposite is told-that nurses are only in it for the $ or are power-hungry, nurses are not trusted.

So how does contemporary literature affect the culture of nursing?
Who's who in contemporary fiction.
There are thousands of authors out there, and some have a huge storyline related to nursing. Let's take a look at a few of them. Check out these links of authors who are also nurses or who's characters are or started as nurses:



Tell your story
Let's tie it all together:
How does contemporary literature impact your practice?Is it okay to tell your story when you're a nurse? What did you learn from these websites and author bios or book summaries?
The Contemporary Written Word
Words are Meaningful
Stories build community
Stories change the world
Written and oral histories and our stories impact policy, culture and change
Find Your Story
How does this effect nursing?
What about the novels about horrendous nurses?

Check out jontalton.com. The Pain Nurse doesn't look so glorifying. Is that okay?

How about Jude Hardin's Bad Nurse? Is the hospital really a dangerous place to be? (judehardin.blogspot.com)
Then there are the gritty novels. that certainly don't paint nursing in a positive light. But is it alright for some pulp fiction to send a little ripple of fear every now and then?
Or do you take offense at someone showing nursing in this light?
What about non-fiction?
There are some amazing nurses who have written about there experience in nursing and writing. Listen to this thread from author
Mary Jean Nealon:

Then check out these authors:
Courtney Davis: http://www.cortneydavis.com/heartstruth.html
Nurse Tilda: http://www.nursetilda.com/
Nurses on the run: http://www.nursesontherunbook.com/

Harnessing the Power of Stories
Then there are the gritty novels.
In Berg's book, Talk Before Sleep, she writes about the true story of a woman who dies from cancer. Is this ethical?

What about memoirs like Theresa Brown's Critical Care (the link is in your HUG). Or Nealon's Beautiful Unbroken?

Then there's the books about nurses gone wrong, like Good Nurse. What impact does that have on the nursing profession? What about Patricia Holloran's book? It that helpful for our profession, or is it an ethical hindrance?
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