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Nationalism in Egypt after WWI

No description

Justine Hartman

on 11 March 2011

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Transcript of Nationalism in Egypt after WWI

in Egypt -Nationalism, in Egypt at the time, referred to the native officers’ movement. the main group during the Movement were the Wafd's. Their aim was to gain indepedence in Egypt peacefully. Egpytian nationalist pushed British for independence
The Wafd group was formed on November 13th 1918. This day was also known as the day of struggle. The leader of the Wafd was arrested by British police on March 8th 1919 along with three other men. This was what led to the 1919 Revolution against the British In effect of the arrest of the Wafd leader there were riots and strikes in the major cities such as Cairo, Tanta and Asyut. During the riots and strikes they cut railroads and destroyed the telegram lines. On March 16th the 1919 revolution took a big leap, when a huge demonstration took place. 10,000 people marched to the Abdin Palace. In the 1919 Revolution 800 Egyptians were killed along with 31 Europeans and 29 British. In the 1919 Revolution 800 Egyptions were killed, along with 31 Europeans and 29 British. Egypt was declared independent on February 28th, 1922. Though Egypt was declared independent the UK still had control over the foreign affairs, defense, security of communications, and Anglo-egyptian Sudan. Egypt was also granted a king by the UK, so Britian still had some controlover them and Egypt didn't exactly have full independence. Leader of the Wafd, Saad Zaghloul.
Wafd symbol Sultan Fuad 1 is the king accounted to Egypt when they gained independence,
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