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The Ghettos

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on 2 September 2014

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Transcript of The Ghettos

The Ghettos
What was a "ghetto"?
During the Holocaust, a ghetto was a special section of a city in which Jewish people were forced to live.
How was the ghetto formed?
In Poland the first ghetto was set up in October of 1939. Initially ghettos were very open, but very soon barbed wire fences and walls were built around them. The ghettos were meant to isolate the jews from the non-jewish population. This segregation was to stop the jews(Perceived as an inferior race) from mixing with the german Aryan race.
What kind of things did they have in a ghetto?
Life in the ghetto was often very difficult. In the ghettos overcrowding was very common. A single apartment might have several families in it at once. Lack of sanitation was very common in the ghettos. In many occasions plumbing might have broken down and human waste would be thrown out along with garbage. Contagious diseases spread easily in these cramped and unsanitary environments. Starvation was also a huge factor in the ghetto because Nazi germans deliberately tried to starve out residents by only letting them buy a little food. This led to a surplus of beggars on the streets(mostly children). With a mix of overcrowding, starvation, disease, and cold winters, finding dead bodies on the streets were very common.
Who was in charge of the ghetto? How did they run it?
How did Nazi's keep Jews in the ghetto?
After the Jews left the ghettos they were moved to the new extermination camps. The ghetto served as a place to keep the Jews temporarily, as germans had no means of transportation to take the Jews to camps. They saw the ghettos as a way to temporarily solve the "Jewish" problem. During deportation hundreds of Jews(mainly children and elderly) were killed on the spot.
Nazi germans were in charge of the ghetto. The germans regarded the establishment of ghettos as a way to segregate and control jews. Jews living in the ghettos were ordered to wear identifying badges or armbands. Many ghettos were set up in cities or towns where jews were already concentrated. Many of the ghettos were enclosed by barbed-wire fences or walls, with entrances guarded by locals, german police, and SS members.During curfew hours residents were to stay indoors.
Many jews were also forced into forced labor.
To keep Jews in the ghetto the Nazi's used fear,intimidation and force as methods to keep the Jews in check. The ghettos were enclosed with tall walls and barbed wire. Guards on patrol carried guns and would shoot those who attempted to escape.
What happened after Jews left the ghetto?
Interesting Facts





Period 5


The Germans established at least 1000 ghettos in Europe
There were 3 types of ghettos
open Ghetto
closed Ghetto
destruction Ghetto
The largest ghetto in Poland was called "Warshaw ghetto"(400,000 jews)
Over 75,000 people in the ghettos died from disease and starvation.
Asides from jews, Roman gypsies were also sent to the ghettos.
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