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A New Approach To Design: The Trends, The Consumer, and The Economy Shaping It

Interior Design Research Methods Review of Literature

Amanda Picken

on 21 April 2011

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Transcript of A New Approach To Design: The Trends, The Consumer, and The Economy Shaping It

A New Approach To Design: The Trends, The Consumer, and The Economy Shaping It By Amanda Picken The Experience Economy Definition Origins and Causes Economic Overview The Brand Experience Experiential Retail Transient Environments Spotlight Events Designing the Experience Work is Theatre every Business a Stage Pine and Gilmore's Four
Types of Experiences Nathan Shedroffs Six
Dimensions of Experience Triggering The Senses Conclusion What is the Experience Economy? What are the marketing trends? What is experience design? The world is entering a new economic era, one that demands a new approach to appealing to today's consumers. Businesses ask:
How can we get people away from the computer and into the stores?
How can one retail store seperate itself from the millions of others out there? Some think the answer is by providing something completely unique to each individual who walks in the door. What is that something???? An Experience!! Companies are differentiating themselves by using services as the stage and goods as props, in order to engage individual customers in a way that creates a memorable event. Telling stories about the brand Dramatizing the service encounter Appealing to all the senses Engage on an emotional, physical, intellectual, even spiritual level! Agricultural Industrial Service Experience How is this relevant to interior design? What are its origins and causes? Nowism Valued Temporariness New Status Currency Marketing Trends in the Experience Economy A successful brand is more than just a logo or tagline! A brand inspires and excites people. It is based on impressions gathered from visual, auditory, tactile and experiential encounters. Touch points! Case Study: The Genever Experience at Schipnol Airport Traditional Shopping has lost its appeal and charm. Retailers need to create a space with that contains a dynamic built and social environment. Mixed-media and mixed reality systems create multi-sensory, pleasing, and intuitive spaces. T.V. ads create 59% purchase intent
Websites create a 76% purchase intent The in-store experience can create a 86% purchase intent!- Interaction Design Assoc. Case Study: Prada "If new products can come and go, why can't the stores that display them do the same?" Pop-Up!!!! Temporary settings offer brand manifestations with elements of surprise, urgency, and must-have/must see experiences. Case Study: Nike Cities are turning to special events to create a memorable and positive position on a global scale. The natural setting and the townscape become the visual symbol of the experience. Physical preparations must take place before the event. Create a sense of place! Case Study: Republican National Convention, Philadelphia From over-saturated market places, jaded consumers, and uncertainty about the worldʼs financial future, came an atmosphere where businesses are working harder than ever to improve the lives of their customers through creative and innovative strategies that allow them to engage on a personal level. For design professionals, it is noteworthy that business strategies have become overwhelmingly design-oriented. Business leaders realize that design is a tool to reach the unreachable
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