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Hitler and the Rise of Nazi Germany

Ch. 16, Section 4

Stacy Keenan

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Hitler and the Rise of Nazi Germany

Hitler and the Rise of Nazi Germany
Ch. 16, Section 1 - Born April, 20, 1889 in Austria
- father was customs official
- showered with love from mother Hitler's Youth wanted to be a priest when
he was younger
then wanted to be an artist
quit school at 16 - 1906 - went to Vienna to go to
art school
- was rejected twice Vienna was a center of
anti-Semitism It was here that Hitler developed
his anti-Semitic views Hitler lived in virtual poverty
for 6 years in Vienna Hitler joined WWI escaped death many times
awarded two medals of bravery Hitler was assigned to keep track
of the German Worker's Party
as part of an intelligence unit

It was serve to aid his political motives The Rise of the Nazi Party German Worker's Party also
hated the Jews gained noteriety for captivating
speeches Economic crisis in Germany - Hitler makes failed coup
attempt at Munich
- arrested Great Depression plays
right in Hitler's hands

He becomes the man with the answers 1933 - Hitler appointed Chancellor Hitler's Third Reich Kristallnacht
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