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John Calvin

No description

Okan Erginbilgic

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of John Calvin

JOHN CALVIN http://www.calvinistcorner.com/tulip.htm








http://dogmatics.files.wordpress.com/2008/04/john-calvin-speaking-at-the-council-of-geneva-1549-original-artwork-02-jan-1754_edit.jpg?w=460 By Okan Erginbilgic, Lila Wolfson and Margot Shang A Short Video about John Calvin... Quotes by John Calvin "A dog barks when his master is attacked. I would be a coward if I saw that God's truth is attacked and yet would remain silent."

-John Calvin "The torture of a bad conscience is the hell of a living soul."

- John Calvin Historical Context & Background Info •Born on July 10 1509 in France
•Died on May 27 1564
•When Martin Luther posted 95 Thesis John Calvin was 8 years old
•He grew up to give order to Lutheranism, and he respected the ideas of Martin Luther
•At one of his schools of College de Montaigu, he became interested in becoming a priest, however lost that interest when be became unfavorable by the chapel at Noyon
•He then began to study law and the Roman Catholic church
•After he became an influential leader and religious figure he moved to Geneva where he governed and lived from age 28 to 55 (when he died)
•Branch of Protestantism called Calvinism emerged based on the teachings of John Calvin Key Beliefs and/or figures Believed scripture/Bible was infallible and
Seeks to find its key values and messages solely from the words of God
•Main focus is God’s omnipotence
· God can to whatever he wants with us and his creation because he is all powerful
·This point was criticized because critics of Calvinism argued that if this was true, than the church and no religious authority could have any control over human will
• God has a list of people who will get salvation and people that will go to hell: The list is unchangeable.
• Christ did not die to redeem the sin of all men, He died for the sin of the men on the salvation list only
· Irresistible grace
•God send the holy spirit to those on the salvation list (not the hell list). The holy spirit removes their depraved nature inherited from the original sin and instills in them salvation found in Christ. It then also leads people to fully and correctly interpret the Bible.
· Perseverance of the saints
If God saves you, you cannot be lost again. If you saved, your salvation is permanent. 1509 — John Calvin was born July 10, France.
1523 — He was sent to to study at the University of Paris by his Father in August.
1528 — He was also sent by his Father to the study law in the University of Orleans.
1531 — His father dies
1536 — Geneva sides with the Reformation.
1536 — Calvin publishes his book: Institutes of the Christian Religion.
1537 — A Protestant Statement of Faith is presented to the City Council.
1560 — The Publication of Geneva's Bible
1564 —Calvin’s presents himself in the pulpit of St. Pierre’s Cathedral for the last time.
1564 — John Calvin dies in Geneva, May 27.
1564 — Theodore Beza writes Calvin's Biography Major Events Works Cited
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