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My Chemical Romance

The Holy Spirit of The Emo Trinity

Julian Wise

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of My Chemical Romance

Members & Instruments
Mikey Way- Bass Guitar (2001-2013)
Ray Toro- Lead Guitar and Backup Vocals (2001-2013)
Gerard Way- Vocals (2001-2013)
Frank Iero- Rhythm Guitar and Backup Vocals (2002-2013)
James Dewees- Keyboardist (2007-2013)
Matt Pelissier- Percussion (2001-2004)
Bob Bryar- Percussion (2004-2010)
Michael Pedicone- Percussion (2010-2011)
Jarrod Alexander- Percussion (2011-2013)
I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love (2002) (Album)
Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge (2004) (Album)
The Black Parade (2006) (Album)
Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys (2010) (Album)
Conventional Weapons (2013) (Vinyl Form Only)
May Death Never Stop You (2014) (Album)
They are heavily influenced by Queen, Misfits, Black Flag, Iron Maiden, The Cure, Joy Division, Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and The Smiths/Morrissey. Gerard Way has also said that his band patterns their career after that of The Smashing Pumpkins, another band they admire.
Mikey Way
Name: Michael James Way
Born on September 10, 1980
Born in Kearny, New Jersey
Unicorn Believer
Kobra Kid
Ray Toro
Frank Iero
Name: Raymond "Ray" Toro-Oritz
Born on July 15, 1977
Born in Kearny, New Jersey
Cupcake God
Princess Frofro
Jet Star
(Youtube Video) Helena/Ghost of You
Life on the Murder Scene (2006) (DVD/Documentary)
AOL Sessions (2007) (DVD)
The Black Parade is Dead! (2008) (DVD)
¡Venganza! (2009) (DVD)
The first recording sessions were undertaken in Pelissier's attic, where the songs "Our Lady of Sorrows" (formerly called "Bring More Knives") and "Cubicles" were recorded. The band refers to those sessions as The Attic Demos. After hearing the demo and dropping out of college, Mikey Way decided to join the band. While with Eyeball Records, the band met Frank Iero, the lead vocalist and guitarist for Pencey Prep. Following Pencey Prep's split in 2002, Iero became a member of My Chemical Romance, just days prior to the recording of the band's debut album.
Becoming a Band (continued)
Frank's Side Projects
Gerard's Side Projects
Ray's Side Projects
Mikey's Side Projects
Bob Bryar
Gerard after split
Frank after split
Mikey after Split
Ray after Split
Problems Within the Band/Why they Split
Random Facts
Three Cheers & Skylines Story
Secrets Within Videos
The Black Parade Story
Killjoy Story
Name: Robert Nathaniel Cory Bryar
Born on December 31, 1979
Born in Downers Grove, IL
He accidently caught on fire during the video shoot for Famous Last Words.
He had to leave the band due to a wrist injury.
He was Angry/Suicidal after leaving the band.

Soldiers in The Black Parade
Mikey has a medal in The Black Parade since he died in the Ghost of You video.
I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love is often regarded as a concept album. It involves two Bonnie and Clyde-esque characters who are eventually gunned down in the desert. On My Chemical Romance's next album, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge (2004), the unnamed man supposedly then finds himself in purgatory, where he makes a deal with Satan: his hellbound lover for the souls of a thousand evil men. He is then resurrected and sent on his gruesome task. Though it is generally accepted by the group's core fanbase, this has led some to attribute its supposed existence to over-analysis on the part of hardcore fans. The alleged storyline is not confirmed by the band, but some evidence includes:

The following album's cover, named "Demolition Lovers" (As is the final song on I Brought You My Bullets...) and its interior artwork (including the text that reads "The story of a man, a woman, and the corpses of a thousand evil men.")

The lyrical themes of the final songs on both of the band's first two albums, which are "Demolition Lovers" and "I Never Told You What I Do for a Living". The lyrics of the latter include "They gave us two shots to the back of the head and we're all dead now" suggesting that the character (if it is linked to the storyline) has been killed and has failed in saving his lover from Hell.

The song "It's Not a Fashion Statement, It's a Deathwish" from Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge also includes themes of a man rising from his grave, who suggests that his purpose in doing so is to commit a murder.
Art, comics
The Umbrella Academy
The True Lives of The Fabulous Killjoys
The Aqua Bats
(one time thing)

Hesitant Alien
Solo Muic: Gerard Way and The Hormones
He tours with Lola, the character/mascot person for his tours.
Weekend Pancake Report, one time deal (it's on youtube).
Frank Iero and The Cellabration
He also did a song with his three children called "B.F.F.", which his daughters wrote.

Alcoholism/Drugs for Gerard and Mikey.
Differnce in opinion as to the direction the band should go.
Gerard falling back into alcoholism and drugs, and he wanted his daughter to have a father. Gerard believes the band would have killed him.
Helena is about the Way Brothers Grandmother, and was written soon after her death.
Mikey was going to leave the band after they stayed at the Paramount Mansion, which is known to be haunted, while recording The Black Parade.
Mikey often slept on Gerard's floor instead of in his own room.
Famous Last Words was written for Mikey.
Disenchanted was almost cut from The Black Parade.
They were on Yo Gabba Gabba and did a song called Every Snowflakes Different (Just Like You).
The band denied making a song for the movie Twilight.
The Black Parade is a rock opera centering around the character of "The Patient". It is about his passage out of life and the memories he has of his life. "The Patient" dies of cancer and death comes for him in the form of a parade. This is based upon Gerard Way's notion of death appearing to a person in the form of his or her fondest memory, in this case seeing a parade as a child.

The video for "Welcome to the Black Parade", directed by Sam Bayer, portrays the events of the entire story, starring all its characters, including Mother War, who is primarily involved in the song "Mama".
The Antibat Leader (The Aquabats)
It was only a one time thing though.
Name: Frank Anthony Thomas Iero, Jr.
Born on October 31, 1981
Born in Belleville, New Jersey
Five-foot Man
Fun Ghoul
Death Spells (2012)
Leathermouth (2007-2010)
Pencey Prep (1998-2002)
Electric Century
Drug/Alcohol rehab
Since rehab, he has also gotten engaged.
He also played at one of Gerard's solo shows.
Solo Music
Worked with Aurelio Voltaire
Not much is known, his life is more private than everyone else's.
It is set in a fictional post-apocalyptic California in the year 2019, in which a few outsiders dubbed 'Killjoys' are engaged in conflict with a nefarious corporation that seemingly controls the population. The 4 Killjoys are Party Poison, Fun Ghoul, Jet Star, and Kobra Kid.

The Killjoys are a group of outlaws who are fighting against the evil corporation Better Living Industries (BL/ind.) and its various "Draculoids" and exterminators, such as Korse, from the S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W Unit. The character aliases were originally the names of their "designer" guns. Their guide is a pirate radio DJ named Dr. Death Defying who is voiced by Steve Montano. Two of the album's music videos show a little girl known as Moterbaby and Dr. Death Defying's sidekick 'Show Pony''. '"Na Na Na" shows the Killjoys' daily lives until Korse defeats them and captures Moterbaby, while "Sing" shows the Killjoys' rescue mission to get her back.
Becoming a Band
The Holy Spirit of the Emo Trinity
My Chem
My Chem Romance
The band was formed by front-man Gerard Way and drummer Matt Pelissier soon after the September 11 attacks. Witnessing the World Trade Center towers fall influenced Way's life to the extent that he decided to start a band. Way wrote the song "Skylines and Turnstiles" to express his feelings about September 11 and shortly thereafter, Ray Toro was recruited because at the time Way could not sing and play the guitar at the same time. The name of the band was suggested by bass guitarist Mikey Way, younger brother of Gerard, who was working in a Barnes & Noble when he was struck by the title of a book by Irvine Welsh named Ecstasy: Three Tales of Chemical Romance.
Gerard Way
Gerard Way
Name: Gerard Arthur Way
Born on April 9, 1977
Born in Newark, New Jersey
Sassy Diva
Party Poison
Cool Things the Band has Done
Helena/Black Parade March
The band did a tour in Haiti with the Used after the natural disaster hit. They did a cover of "Under Pressure", by Queen.
Related Bands
The Used
Linkin Park
Avenged Sevenfold
Falling in Reverse
Good Charlotte
Mayday Parade
Bullet for My Valentine
Three Days Grace
Fall Out Boy
Green Day
Panic! at the Disco
Black Veil Brides
Pierce the Veil
30 Seconds to Mars
All Time Low
Bring Me The Horizon
Sleeping with Sirens
Ray didn't really have side projects, but he got married during the bands time.
Cool Quotes/Lyrics
Another theme apparent on the album is the nature of vampires, as in both the undead creatures and, metaphorically speaking, those who seek to corrupt and exploit others. The song "Skylines and Turnstiles" was written shortly after the September 11 attacks and expressed feelings of sorrow and loss, and "Early Sunsets over Monroeville" was inspired by the George A. Romero film Dawn of the Dead. Gerard himself describes it as "a sweet song about Dawn of the Dead", with the lyrics using references from the film. Before the September 11 attacks, Gerard was working as a comic book writer and animator. He was working on a vampire comic (which he never completed), and has also said that is the reason for the vampires in the lyrics.
Three Cheers & Skylines Story
There is Black Parade Jacket for Bob in the NaNaNa video.
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