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Social media & LinkedIn for international students

Student exchange ROC Nijmegen

Anoushka van Bemmel

on 30 March 2014

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Transcript of Social media & LinkedIn for international students

social media & workshop LinkedIn
Anoushka van Bemmel

Messages of 140 signs to everyone in the world who follows you.

International social network in which sharing with friends is most important
Digital pinboard with visuals you find on the internet. People can follow your board

Sharing films
Almost the same as Facebook, but for companies
Check-in to show where you are (cafe, shop). You earn points and badges (= reduction)
Social media is a new way of communicating in our society
People believe the opinion of friends first
Extreme popular with youngsters
Facebook has more than
billion users
Katy Perry has more than 50,4
million followers on
Every second two people are creating an account on LinkedIn.
Fantastic opportunity to get in touch with companies/interesting people in the entire world
A chance for an international career
What is social media?
Social media facts
Why is social media interesting for students?
SM is belangrijk voor mijn toekomstig beroep, dus ik wil er meer over leren
De docent kon snel reageren op mijn artikel/magazine
De opdrachten kon ik makkelijk inhalen omdat ze online staan
Ik kan ook
buiten school
werken aan mijn artikel/magazine
Who am I?
Teacher Communication Johan Cruyff College Nijmegen

Workshops social media
LinkedIn Facts
+238 million accounts
Biggest business social network
42% of dutch companies have a companypage
Digital CV
80% to find employees
Strong profile
What to do on LinkedIn?

Sharing knowledge
Show what you do
Show who you are
Search for a job
Expand your (inter)national contacts
Invite people to connect
Professional photo
Strong headline (looking for a (international) job)
Use your first and last name
Mention all your education and experience
Don't forget your specialties
LinkedInprofile on 'public'
1 statusupdate a week is enough
Join groups
Interesting tools
Join groups
Join companies
Like and share updates
Go for it!

Step 1:
go to www.linkedin.com and create an account

Step 2:
Set up your profile. Create your headline (use your resume!).

Step 3:
upload a professional photo

Step 4:
send invitations to connect (students, teachers, family abroad)

Step 5:
find companies and follow (ROC Nijmegen, Johan Cruyff College Nijmegen)

Step 6:
write an update (what are you doing right now? Student exchange)
Don't lie!
Connect with people you will never relate with
Send an impersonal invitation
Give a compliment, receive a compliment
Relevant & recent news
Most important information on top
Ask for an endorsement
Surprise people
Thank you and good luck!

In six steps on LinkedIn
Presentation social media in general
Focus on LinkedIn
Workshop LinkedIn two groups
An international social network of professionals: your digital businesscard and resume/cv at a time.
What do they have in common?
Open www.linkedin.com

2. Open your resume....

3. How to? Check the Wikihow

4. Go for it!

Ask a teacher for more help....

About sharing...

Use your phone and vote...
Go to http://m.socrative.com
Go to room: 165005
Wait for the first question...
Click on the right answer
Click on 'Done' for the next question
Social Media Quiz
80% of the companies on LinkedIn use it to find new employees.
Set all your social media accounts on private and use a LinkedIn account as business card
Applying for a job today
Companies will google you to see:

If you suit the company
If you suit the job
If you are a descent person
If you are a professional
Tip: google yourself!
Start like this....
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