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Time Share Call Center

No description

Israel Avalos

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of Time Share Call Center

Phone / Email Protocol
Greet the customer
Active listener.
Answer calls with promo.
Respond to customers needs.
Encourage upgrades.
Customers Inquiries Protocol
Handle all customer calls & emails.
Answer all questions (fees).
Provide New Customers with Product / Services
Company Offers Through Resourcing
Research required information using available resources about company’s offers.
Be sure to include all available resources to the Customer.
Let the Customer know the different options they have by using the Resorts resources.
Manage / Resolve Customer Complaints for Reservations / Availabilities / Fees
Escalation Process in a timely fashion with follow-up email/phone call.
Availability based on First Come First Serve
Resolve any unnecessary additional Fees

Route Calls to Appropriate Resource
Technical Problems Online
Abandon Rate
Longest Delay in Queue
Transfer Rate.
Time Share Call Center
Jennifer Dumm
Israel Avalos
Davis Wallick
Aleandro Van Holten
Efren Montilla
Road to Success
No group sales
Website information Open to the public.
Personal Calls.
Online customer application services.
On-Site customer application services.
Follow Up Customers Calls
Monitoring Customer Service.
Customer Feedback.
Document all Call Information According to Standard Operating Procedures
Adherence to procedures.
Documentations of all calls is vital when gathering information for analysis.
Evaluation of Performance
Surveys will be offer to each customer at the end of all phone calls.
Online surveys are available.
Recorder phone calls for quality service.
Evaluation of Performance Cont.
Once evaluations are reviewed by managers they are sent to higher for review as well
Higher is responsible for correction of deficiency is necessary
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