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Life in the White House Stephanie Bernal

No description

Stephanie Bernal

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Life in the White House Stephanie Bernal

Life In the White House Life in the White House The White House not only serves as a historical building, but it is also the home of the presidential family. The White house contains many memories and artifacts from past presidents. For the presidential families this building was not only their home, but a place where many ceremonies and events have taken place. Building and Refurbishing the White House The two-story house was built in the late 1800, eight years before Abigail and John Adams moved in. the building was based on James Hoban's design. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson influenced the building's final look. The building was first named the Executive Mansion but later on officially named the White House by Theodore Roosevelt in 1902. Remaining Open to the People In the White House, Presidents created many events. These events would encourage people to feel they have access the leaders of a democratic society. The presidents hosted many events such as Easter egg rolls, Christmas tree lightings, receptions, and picnics.
Official Occasions The White House would also serve as a place where international public figures visited.
The president received a wide variety of people, from around the world. These events were viewed as special ocassions in the White House. The White House was also a place where weddings took place. James Monroe's daughter, Maria, was the first child to get married in the White House. After this event, weddings would continue to take place in the White House. White House Weddings Creating a Private Life When George Washington became president, he decided that the president should work and line in the same place. Doing this is almost impossible. Quiet time and privacy is rare. Living in the White House ultimately leads to not having a "normal" life.

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