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Copy of Level 4, Unit 2, Phonics: -igh Lesson

No description

Lori Zimmerman

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Level 4, Unit 2, Phonics: -igh Lesson

-igh Words! right might tight delightful fight fright night light bright sight Turn the light on! I can't see because it
is so dark! What a sight I see through these binoculars!
Wait! Where did those giraffes go? Please don't open the window shades yet.
It's so bright! The night time is my favorite because I get to see the
stars. I also get to say, "Goodnight, moon!"
Do you like nighttime? Only a bully would ever fight someone.
Fighting is for people who
don't use their words!
What do you think? Don't give me a fright!
I'm afraid of vampires!
Are you? Your writing in this class is delightful.
It is such a delight for me to get to read.
What good ideas you have! We don't always have to have the right answer.
It's okay to be wrong! We might fill up our bead jar today. How many more compliments do you think we need? That jacket is way too tight! Rockstars! Give yourselves a thunder clap!
3, 2, 1... -igh Poem Hi, my name is Dwight!
I love to play soccer at night!
All of my friends might get a fright
because at night it's not very bright!
But we would never get in a fight
because we know that's just not right.
It's time for me to go, so I'll just say,
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