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Antibiotic On The Left Wing Of The House Fly Can Kill Its Own Bacteria

To prove that flies can kill its own bacteria

Luqman Iz

on 16 February 2014

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Transcript of Antibiotic On The Left Wing Of The House Fly Can Kill Its Own Bacteria

-Herbal Drugs And Biotechnology, by P.C.Trivedi.
3. Books
-Dr. Zainuddin, Head Of Microbiological Sector
-Mrs , Fauzana Facilitator
-Mr. Zul, Staf Of Microbiological Sector
-Miss. Diyana,Staf Of Microbiological Sector
-Mr. Mohan, Staf Of Microbiological Sector
2. People

We have conclude
that one of the wing of the fly really have the
Antidote or bacteriophage that can kill bacteria.
This project could be developed in the future and
the bacteria found in flies may be used as a cure
in the future.
3. The experiment is left for about
a day to see the result.
2. First part is for the right wing of the fly,
second part for the left wing of fly and third
part for the CN-10
1. Each petri dish is divided into 3 part.
Implantation of antibiotic
6. Step 5 is repeated by using the 0.3 and 0.5
using other petri dish. It is left about 24 hours for
the culture of E.coli
5. The 0.1 is then lawn on the surface of
. nutrient agar by using a tempo swap on
petri dish A. It is labeled with date, name
and number of turbidity
4. The step is repeated by using other dertone
water to get the turbidity of 0.3 and 0.5.
3. Then it is put into a shaker incubator.
2. The wire loop is to touch the E. coli ’s colony
then, put into the broth.
1. Wire loop is heated for sterilization.
Preparation for place of E.coli
Nutrient broth powder ( 13 g-1000 g )
Wire loop
70 % of alcohol
Test tube
Tenpo swap
A pair of forceps
House fly ( musca domestica )
Literature Review
1. Internet
Data & Collection
The left and rightwing of flies
then pulled off
The living flies is put into phosphorus
Taking the antibiotic from the
house fly
3. It is put into an auto-clave for the process of sterilization
4. The auto-clave is put under 120 degree
2. It is divided into a test tube using pipette
1. Nutrient powder is put into a beaker filled with water.
Preparation of broth
Nutrient agar
Agar plate
Bacteria E.coli
Flies ( musca domestica)
Antibiotic pills (gentamicin pills CN-10 )
How can a house fly neutralizes its own
pathogen when it was carried ?
When is the E.coli is discovered in the
world and by whom founded it ?
What is actually the benefits of house fly’s left
wing towards mankind ?
Do we take note of the Hadith Rasulullah
about the pros of the flies ?
How many species of flies existed in this world ?
Why house flies is a nerve-wrecking
health issue nowadays ?
Muhammad Asraf Bin Ma’aris
Muhammad Luqman Izzuddin Bin Suhaimi
Antibiotics on the left wing
of the house fly can kill its own bacteria
3. Then it is put into a naphlometer to
check the turbidity of e coli until it reaches 0.1.
2. A small amount of e coli from the broth is
put into a small tube contain dertone water.
1. Alcohol is used to clean the table
which are used for this experiment.
Lawning of E.coli
Q & A
Future Work
Data & Collection
Literature Review
House fly’s
left wing can be use as an
alternative cure for E.coli diseases.
Besides , this antidote from the fly’s wing can
replace the synthetic medicine .

Future Work
Q &A
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