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Information Literacy: Summation

Review of information Literacy Lessons with a few new pieces

eric jackson

on 29 March 2012

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Transcript of Information Literacy: Summation

Information Literacy in 20 Minutes or Less WHat is information literacy? Knowing how to think about information without simply accepting it... Knowing how to use information without plagiarizing... Watch out for Stooge temptations... Paraphrase, don't cut and paste! List resources not tools... Resources have information! Tools help you locate information... Quick Quiz... resource or tool... Mr. Newhouse Google www.cnn.com Websites: Quick Eval Tips .gov... sounds like... .edu... sounds like .org... sounds like .com (or .net) sponsored links... Bibliography review! The information to find the resource again... Author, title, copyright year, publisher and place of publication... So what is information literacy? Using your brain, not a brainless librarian! Analyzing information, not just accepting it! With so much information out there, you need to be able to shop for the right information... Current, when needed. Relevant to your question. Authoritative, not weak sources! Any questions? example: whitehouse.gov organization... what's their angle? company... http://solidgayle.tripod.com/id3.html NOW! ON TARGET! Do they know what they are talking about? Often found at bottom of page are date and who created it...
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