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No description

Amy Ray

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of MAKEUP

how your face shape looks"
3 basic colours: a cream, medium colour and a darker colour
add cream all over eye
add medium colour over socket
add dark colour over the crease and corner
apply eyeliner as close to eyelash line as possible(don't use liquid if you haven't a steady hand) apply mascara up wards not outward to lengthen your eyelashes
apply highlighter to inner corners of your eye to make them appear bigger
use your dark shadow to go along your bottom lash line to define your eye more or a pencil eyeliner

Luscious Lips
exfoliate with a toothbrush (WE DONT LIKE CHAPPED LIPS)
use lip liner( matching colour to lipstick)
Wearing a dramatic red,pink or nude lipstick will instantly make lips look fuller

"Eyebrow shape can change
lets find yours..
Knowing your face shape is the first step
to creating your most beautiful look.....

Before and After...
center of nose
center of forehead (T-zone area)
cheekbones(right under the eye)
eyes (on brow bone)
above lip (tip of outline
collar bone
tip of shoulder
below cheek bone(hollow bit)
both sides of nose
under jawline
eye socket
top of forehead and sides(square shape
collar bone (indent)
how to apply lip liner...
to create he illusion of bigger lips apply lip liner just outside the boarder of your lips
use a small flat brush to blend the lip liner inwards onto lip (fully blend to avoid an unflattering line around the lips
stay away from brown tones
instead of following line of lip on top even out to make a round curve this makes the lips look fuller
make sure to choose the right foundation for you or your tan
if you have clear skin a lighter foundation is always more flattering!
How to do the perfect brow..
Use an angled brush
Use a brow brush to brush all the hairs upwards to make your brows look fuller.
Begin by using an eyebrow brush to brush all your hairs in place.{step 1+2}
use an eyeshadow the same as your hair colour.
Use the angled brush to draw the underside of your brow.{step 3+4}
use the brow brush to brush and blend the eyeshadow upwards and repeat this step again.{step 5}
draw the top of your brow with the angled brush (making sure not to go all the way to the front...gives a false look){step 6}
Use whatever eyeshadow thats left on your angled brush to do the front of the brow it gives of a more natural look!step {8+10)
If your messy you can always use a concealer to tidy up edges:-){step7+9}
if your more self conscious over your skin use full coverage (freckles, spots etc.)
never use a greasy concealer or foundation this gives you an unflattering glow and makes lines more visable (powder ladies)

dont use a darker of lighter concealer this will highlight the area your trying to hide!
Power(a girls best friend!) dont over do it!! your make up will look caked:-(
remember the T-zone rule
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