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The Treatment of the Mentally Handicapped During the Great Depression

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junk junk

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of The Treatment of the Mentally Handicapped During the Great Depression

What will happen to the mentally disabled? Great Depression on the Disabled 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Mentally Ill people were persecuted 1889 - The "Committee of Colonies for segregation of Defectives" launched a campaign to convince Americans that the disabled were dangerous
It succeeded and by 1920 many states passed laws that segregated the disabled from "normal society"
This belief carried on throughout the Great Depression
Some states banned disabled from public school.
What was done about their condition? Doctors generally recommended confinement and/or strict supervision throughout their entire lives
Others couldn't afford the costly institutions or asylums, and were cast out into society Great Depression Strikes U.S. faced economic breakdown
1929 to 1932 banks failed
1933 one out of every four people was unemployed
The Great depression was hard on normal people, it was devastating for mentally disabled people
Disabled people were treated with ridicule, abuse, and torture Yay! How is this related to Of Mice and Men? In Of Mice and Men, a disabled person is ridiculed his entire life
Though he seems happy, one can sense a sadness in him
He has a friend who is kind to him, but gets impatient
Steinbeck exposes the problem of society in which the people make fun of a disabled person The Treatment of the Mentally Handicapped during the Great Depression By Nachiketa Gargi 7B Many believed that they could act like normal people, and got angry if they did not
Their nature was misinterpreted as feeble, slow, idiotic, weak, and inferior
No one helped them because they did not want to help those who they believed were the weak members of society There has been no worse time for the disabled than the early 1900's
Shortage of money = less care for the disabled
The people were frightened and blamed the disabled for the issues I am smiling even though I am very unhappy After the Great Depression, people began to try to help the disabled
The National Institute of Mental Health was also founded
Life became better for them as more laws were passed for them Thank You
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