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ELA Year End Review

No description

Cassie Juneau

on 11 June 2010

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Transcript of ELA Year End Review

Year End Review Reading- Connections:
Text to self
Text to world
Text to text
Reading/Fix it strategies:
Make a prediction
Stop & think about what you have already read.
Ask questions about what's happening.
Reflect in your writing.

Literature Circles:
A literature circle is when a group discusses literature and has roles.
The roles are:
Literary Luminary
Discussion Director
Vocabulary Enricher
Connector Elements Of Fiction:
Plot and Plot Line
Characters & Characterization
Point Of View
Theme Venn Diagram:
Two circles that meet in the middle.
Comparing different things based on the same thing. Journal Entries:
Summarizing Writing- Writing process- Prewrite:
The first writing you do. 1st draft/drafts:
Your first rough copy of your writing. Revising:
Checking over your drafts to make sure everything makes sense and has the correct puncuation, grammar and spelling. Editing&Proofreading:
Editing means going back and fixing any mistakes.
Proofreading means making sure everything makes sense. Final Draft/Publishing:
Your final draft is the last copy and good copy of what you wrote.
Publishing is when you realise it to other people. Paragraphs:
Is 4-5 sentences about the same topic. Language Study: Parts Of Speech:
Nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, pronouns. Figures Of Speech/Figurative Language:
Comparing something to another thing.
Similie - ex.) As hot as the sun.
Alliteration - ex.) The fair breeze blew, the white foam flew, The furrow followed free; We were the first that ever burst into that silent sea.
Hyperbole - ex.) My vegetable love should grow Vaster than empires, and more slow; An hundred years should go to praise Thine eyes, and on thy forehead gaze; Two hundred to adore each breast, But thirty thousand to the rest. An age at least to every part, And the last age should show your heart. For, lady, you deserve this state; Nor would I love at lower rate.
Imagery - ex.) I spot the hills with yellow balls in autumn. I light the prairie cornfields orange and tawny gold clusters. And I am called pumpkins on the last of October when dusk is fallen children join hands and circle round me. Singing ghost songs and love to the harvest moon; I am a jack-o'-lantern with terrible teeth and the children know I am fooling.
Metaphor - ex.) Morning is a new sheet of paper for you to write on.
Whatever you want to say, all until night folds it up and files it away. The bright words and the dark words are gone until dawn and a new day to write on.
Onomatopoeia - ex.) The gray sea and the long black land; And the yellow half-moon large and low; and the startled little waves that leap in fiery ringlets from their sleep, As I gain the cove with pushing prow, and quench its speed i' the slushy sand. Then a mile of warm sea-scented beach; Three fields to cross till a farm appears; A tap at the pane, the quick sharp scratch and blue spurt of a lighted match, and a voice less loud, through its joys and fears, Than the two hearts beating to each!
Personification - ex.) Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby.
The rain makes still pools on the sidewalk. The rain makes running pools in the gutter. The rain plays a little sleep-song on our roof at night --- And I love the rain.
Symbol - ex.) I am a gentleman in a dust coat trying to make you hear. Your ears are soft and small and listen to an old man not at all; They want the young men's whispering and sighing. But see the roses on your trellis dying and hear the spectral singing of the moon - for I must have my lovely lady soon. I am a gentleman in a dustcoat trying.
I am a lady young in beauty waiting until my truelove comes, and then we kiss. But what gray man among the vines is this whose words are dry and faint as in a dream? Back from my trellis,sir, before I scream! I am a lady young in beauty waiting.
Homonyms, Synomyms, Antonyms:
A homonym is two words that sound the same but are spelled differently and mean different things.
ex.) To see something - The sea.
A synomym is two words that mean the same thing.
ex.) Big - Large
A antonym is two words that mean the oppisite.
ex.) Love - Hate
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