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Business Proposal for a New Restaurant Concept

No description

Emmanuelle Suarez

on 27 September 2014

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Transcript of Business Proposal for a New Restaurant Concept

Business Proposal for a New Restaurant Concept
The Concept
The restaurant's name, decor, atmosphere, menu, logo, style of service , and everything else associated with the operation stems from, and should reflect, the original concept.
Restaurants have a natural life cycle: birth, growth, maturity, senescence, and death. They often fall into decline due to a change in demographics or when the concept falls out of favor with the public.
If a restaurant is failing, adapting the concept to fit the market to fit the market can often save it.
Why people open restaurants?
People open restaurants because it is interesting and challenging, and it has the potential to make investor wealthy.
Successful restaurateurs need considerable experience, planning, financial support and energy.

Restaurants Classification
Restaurants are broadly classified as quick-service, family, casual, dinner house and fine dining.
Concept, Location, And Design
Successful food service establishments begin with a clear restaurant concept that projects the new restaurant's image. The concept must entice the desired audience in such a way that is different and better than the competition.
When choosing a concept, be sure there is a market to support it and a market gap, or need for the concept offered.
Choosing the Theme or Concept
How to Pick a Restaurant Name
The Mission Statement
The mission Statement often is writing to solidify the company's business goals such as:
Purpose of the enterprise
Business strategy
Behavior standards it will follow
Values the management and employees will uphold
Factors when choosing a site for a restaurant:
Demographics of the area: age, occupation, religion, family size, and average income in the community.
Visibility and accessibility for foot and car traffic
Number of potential customers traveling through the area
Distance from the potential market
Desirability of surroundings
Our mission at Bennie’s is to provide a warm atmosphere and social gathering place for the entire family. We will give that down home feeling in a restaurant environment. We will serve our customers with old time courtesy and appreciation. Bennie’s will serve consistently great food at a great value, in an efficient manner. We will have the cleanest, most unique, most comfortable eatery in the surrounding area. Our management team will give unprecedented attention to our customers and team members to produce a bond between the two. We will strive to have a good partnership with our suppliers and a profitable business for the owners and team.
Mission Statement Example
Bennie's Italian Food
That is the Bennie’s way
Knockout Criteria
When any reason is found not to open at a particular site, it is called a knockout criteria. The location should be abandoned in favor of investigating a new one.
Decor & Concept
The decor of a restaurant is critical to its success. The most imortant aspects are the lighting and the colors chosen to reflect the restaurant's concept.
Restaurant Website Example
New Restaurant from
Chef Emeril Lagasse
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