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L.A. Crash

Presentation for my school about the movie L.A. Crash, multculturalism and the American Dream.

Jan Wegener

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of L.A. Crash

• In L.A. disparities among races grow
• Whites are better of than other races
• Hard for non-white people to accomplish the American Dream Conclusion • People tend to quickly judge by stereotypes and prejudices
• Individuals as representatives of their ethnic group
• Daniel proves Hispanic gangbanger stereotype wrong Conclusion • Farad doesn't understand him
• Daniel can't stay calm
• Reason: can't spend time with daughter ● Honest, hardworking man
● Loving dad and husband
● Does everything for daughter and wife
● American Dream not about material things LOS ANGELES MULTICULTURALISM AND
THE AMERICAN DREAM Become successful
through hard work Achieve personal goals "Life, Liberty and the
pursuit of Happiness" AMERICAN DREAM Reasons for leaving their homes: ? ● Director Paul Haggis
● 2 days
● Serveral characters of different cultures
● Discrimination and prejudices
● White better off than minority groups L.A. CRASH Religious persecution
Political oppression
Poverty old new ● Different ethnicities and cultures represented
● People judged by appearance and prejudices
● Multiculturalism in the movie discrimination
social barriers
abuse of power Daniel Ruiz ● Moved to new neighborhood
● Lara had a bullet go through her window
● She's still scared
● Story of the invisible cloak Interact with other people Treat others with honesty, kindness and respect
We can't expect the same... But we're able to control our behavior We can't control the reactions of other people to our behavior ! FARAD AND DANIEL Daniel Ruiz No matter how tough the job is,
at home he changes to a loving dad.

He remains true to himself. Realization of the American Dream Discrimination towards Daniel
Doesn't make his job easy
For his daughter and wife he works 24hours
No gang activites
Enjoys every minute with family Los Angeles 21st century Daniel Ruiz Michael Pena
Locksmith Scene: Farad buys a gun Prejudice: all Muslims are terrorists, therefor Farad is one too
Multicultural conflict • Founded 1781
• Spanish Governor Felipe de Neve
• 2. Biggest city in USA ~3.800.000 people Multiculturalism in L.A. • Relies on diversity
• All kind of ethnic groups in L.A.
• People from
more than 140
countries Change among races White people aren't majority
Hispanic communities grow
Blacks lose districts Los Angeles riots in 1992
Rodney King beaten up by four police men
Lasted 6 days
53 deaths + more than 2000 injuries

Racial aggression and discrimination still present shows Comparing chances and opportunities Gap between rich and poor grows faster
More unemployment for every race 2007-2010 Median net worth of households White people and Asians are better of than Blacks and Hispanics
Hispanics and Blacks lost more than HALF of their net worth Whites in average

wealthier than Blacks and

wealthier than Hispanics 19x 15x false ideas take aggression out on other people
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