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The Ransom of Red Chief

No description

Brendan Buhler

on 25 November 2012

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Transcript of The Ransom of Red Chief

The Ransom of Red Chief Setting Characters in Story Characterization Located in Rural Alabama
Small Town of Summit
Peaceful Town
Cave Up in Mountains
Late 1800s
"Wild West"
Humorous Attitude Bill Driscoll
Johnny Dorset
Ebenezer Dorset

Protagonist (Main Charter(s)): Bill Driscoll & Sam

Antagonist (In Conflict): Johnny & Ebenezer Dorset Direct Characterization Examples:

"The father was respectable and tight, a mortgage fancier and a stern, upright collection-plate passer and forecloser." (Page 1)

"The kid was a boy of ten, with bas-relief freckles, and hair the color of the cover of the magazine you buy at the news-stand when you want to catch a train." (Page 1)

Indirect Characterization:

When Ebenezer writes a response to the letter, I think it indirectly tells us that he is very clever.
When Bill and Sam give the kid up, I think it shows their weak Presented By:

Joe &
Madi THANKS FOR WATCHING! Ebenezer Dorset:
Very Smart
Knows What He is Doing

Bill Driscoll:
Not that Smart
Doesn't Know What He is Doing

How do Sam & Bill change the end of the story? Characters Plot Exposition:

Bill & Sam Need to Make Money
Make a Plan
Kidnap Child
Make Money
Everything Goes Well
Inexperienced Main Conflict When They Kidnap Johnny:
Likes Being Away
Causes Many Troubles
They Don't Want Him Any Longer
Father Writes Back
Doesn't Go As Planned Climax When Bill and Sam are awaiting the letter from Ebenezer, they think that they are going to get what they want. When actually, the letter contains something different. A proposal to take the child (Johnny) back for a fee of two hundred and fifty dollars. When Bill and Sam give back the child to Ebenezer Dorset and pay the fee of two hundred and fifty dollars. They then run away far from the town of Summit because they don't want the child to chase them.

Suspense in Story:

When Bill & Sam are waiting for the letter from Mr. Dorset about the ransom Tone Imagery Summary Symbolism Irony Theme Moral O. Henry Situational: the kid's dad doesn't want him
back and makes the kidnappers pay ransom
to get rid of the annoying kid

Dramatic: When Bill sends the Red Chief home
after he crawled the "miles" with the Red Chief
on his back

Verbal: When the kidnappers sign the ransom
letter with "Two Desperate Men"

Attitudinal? Always know what you're
getting into. Sub Conflicts: Resolution Johnny was naughty and annoying
Johnny enjoyed being kidnapped
Ebenezer sends a letter and
wants them to pay ransom so they can get rid of the kid. "Two desperate men" need some
money to pull off a fraud. They decide
that they are going to kidnap a rich man's
son and send a letter for ransom. The son (who calls himself Red Chief), ends
up being annoying and obnoxious and
they want to get rid of him. The father
responds with a letter offering to take
the son off their hands if they pay him
a ransom. The get rid of the kid quickly
and run so he can't find them. The phrase "Red Chief" in the story's name:
Symbolizes Danger
or Warning "About two miles from Summit was a little mountain, covered with a dense cedar brake" "The boy put up a fight like a welter-weight cinnamon bear" Kidnapping/Ransom of a boy gone wrong

Author's Feelings?

They haven't thought anything through
Exact opposite situation "Then we had supper, and he filled his mouth full of bacon and bread and gravy, and began to talk" Very humorous, entertaining tone To find the story:

Type "The Ransom of Red Chief" into Google and many websites have the story available. Opinion of the story?
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