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Invictus Presentation

Using excerts from the movie to comment on leadership traits

Isha Jain

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Invictus Presentation


Leadership Traits
Humble Opportunistic Forgiveness Courage Vision Well-informed Strength & Persistence Mr Mandela greeted everyone with respect and dignity including his office members and every member of the Republic of South Africa be it white or black Nelson Mandela knew that the Rugby World Cup would bring the country together. He therefore supported the Springboks, encouraged and motivated them so that his vision of a united nation is accomplished Despite being imprisoned by the White Africans, Nelson Mandela was ready to forgive and forget the past and wanted to achieve his vision of a united nation where no citizen shall harbor any hatred or feeling of ill-will against the other One of the instances that brings forth this quality is when the Captain of the rugby team comes to meet him and he asks him about his ankle injury Mr Mandela did the unexpected more often, surprising even his office members from his actions such as visiting the Black community alone and spreading his message, being part of the rugby matches despite the tension in the stadium Mr Mandela was a visionary who envisioned himself as the President if a single nation, not two rival races and wanted to use his leadership skill to make South Africa a successful and united nation He looked for opportunities even while being held in an 8X8 cell. He studied the Africaans' language, their celebrations & poetry to understand their culture and make true connections to them. These types of sensibilities are what elevated Nelson Mandela's leadership to a fundamentally different plane Group 13

Michealkane Dass (43)
Paritosh Mathur (51)
Priyanka Bakshi (61)
Preetam Rodrigues (58)
Isha Jain (32)
Nelson Mandela – Leadership
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