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The Skipper

Canturbery Tales

Cait Leiby

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of The Skipper

The Skipper Appearance "In a woolen gown that reached his knee. A dagger on a lanyard falling free hung from his neck under his arm and down"(Chaucer 107)[401-403]
Ethics/Personality "The nicer rules of conscience he ignored" (Chaucer 107) [408]

"He sent his prisoners home; they walked the plank" (Chaucer 107)[410] This just means that the Skipper showed no sympathy for his prisoners, sending them into the water to find their way home. Also, it shows how he chooses not to follow the "nice rules" his conscience give him, and therefore has bad ethics. This just showed that the Skipper dressed like a frump, and didn't seem to care about his appearance. He wore wool gowns, a knife around his neck, and had tanned skin from working in the sun. Social Class The Skipper is part of the working class/lower class. "The barge he owned was called The Maudelayne"(Chaucer 108)[420] Estate "Many a draught of vintage, red and yellow. he'd drawn at Bordeaux, while the trader snored.(Chaucer 107)[406-407] "From Gottland to the Capt of Finisterre,"(Chaucer 107)[418] These quotes show this by stating that he sailed far, working. And stole from traders. Only people from the third estate would be rude enough to actually steal from the higher class men. By, Cait Leiby Satire "And certainly he was an excellent fellow."(Chaucer 107)[405] Showing irony, that a person that does things that are illegal is an "excellent fellow". Picture by, Bluegallion on devionart.com glogster.com canterbury tales skipper phyical glogster.com/canterburytales-theskipper wikispaces.com/skipper paulfreeman.weebly.com/canterbury-tales Works Cited "Many a draught of vintage, red and yellow, He'd drawn at Bordeaux, while the trader snored."(Chaucer 107)[406-407] The First quote says that he stole wine from the traders while they were sleeping. The modern day representation of the skipper would be a video/CD Pirate that illegally dowloads music, movies, etc. "The Summer heat had tanned his color brown."(Chaucer 107)[404] "His beard in many a tempest had its shaking"(Chaucer 107)[416] relating to/representing the skippers experiences on the sea. Allbestessays.com. N.p., n.d. Web. Jan. 2011. <http://allbestessays.com/Book-Reports/Canterbury-Tales-Contrasting-Knight-Skipper/18917.html>.
Chaucer. Canterbury Tales. Upper Saddle City: Pearson Education, 2010. Print.
"The Sea Captains Tale." Thebestnotes.com. N.p., 10 May 2008. Web. 11 Nov. 2012. <http://allbestessays.com/Book-Reports/Canterbury-Tales-Contrasting-Knight-Skipper/18917.html>.
The Skipper would be part of the third estate which included all the citizens except priests, knights, and women.
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