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Wound Care Center of Morristown

No description

erin graziano

on 25 July 2016

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Transcript of Wound Care Center of Morristown

Wound Care Center of Morristown
an affiliation of Morristown Medical center & Atlantic health system
Home based wound care
Cost of care is over $50 billion dollars annually for chronic wounds (10x the budget of the WHO)
Chronic wounds affect 6.5 million patients a year
Wound patients typically have comorbidities such as obesity or diabetes
Wound healing process includes multiple phases
Length of hospital stay may increase up to 3 additional weeks for non-healing wound
Erin Graziano & Elena Smith
Not for Profit Hospital
Dr. Coss
July 25, 2016
Wound Care Center of Morristown
Not for Profit Hospital
Morristown Community
Atlantic Health System Corporate Location
Office located at Atlantic Health System's Corporate headquarters

Current Atlantic Health System employees
Certified Wound Care Nurses (CWCN)

Treat up to 36 patients a day
6 nurses treating patients at home per day

Community Outreach:
Monthly Education & Screening seminars provided for Morristown residents
Charity Care Component:
We do accept insurance for home based care, but will provide Charity Care services for patients with no insurance or little insurance coverage
Target current wound patients at MMC:
Surgical, seniors, diabetics, obese, peripheral vascular disease, infectious disease, etc.
Follow up with patients present during monthly meetings that are considered at immediate risk according to survey responses

475 South Street Morristown, NJ
Office space - NO patients seen here:
Hours of opperation: 9:00-5:00 Monday-Friday
Storage of supplies
Patient health records
Nurse Manager, Nurse Practitioner, & Secretary
Training & clinical compliance

1 Per Diem Nurse Practitioner
4 Full Time Registered Nurses
5 Per Diem Registered Nurses
1 Full Time Secretary
1 Per Diem Secretary

11 Total Employees; 5 FTE
36 Patients treated per day
6 RNs treating 6 patients per day
Economic Consequences of Non-healing Wounds
Length of stay (LOS) of patient
Utilization of antibiotics, analgesics, & advanced wound therapies
Usage of biological grafts
Hospital readmissions
Wound reopening
Cost of care in managing the patient
Surgical & diagnostic interventions
Increasing costs:
Patient population
Home based wound care
Major Components of Budget
Drugs used to promote wound healing: antibiotics, analgesics, antimicrobials, wound care growth factors
Wound supplies: Wound VAC, negative pressure devices
Wound dressings: traditional adhesives, traditional gauze, non-adherent, film, foam, hydrogel, hydrocolloid, aliginate, antimicrobial, bioengineered skin substitutes

Total Expenses $4,661,074
Initial Assessment
Extremely important
Thank you!
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