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Action Plan for Humanities - Digital Citizenship

No description

Marielle Wik

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Action Plan for Humanities - Digital Citizenship

Marielle Wik Action Plan HOW CAN YOU MANAGE YOUR DIGITAL FOOTPRINT? Key Words and Search Terms: Information: What product will you create? Product Planning - I will draw all my scenes on paint (but some on Photoshop).
- To make the animation I am going to save every necessary and new detail.
- I will put the photos together and make the duration shorter to make the photos look like a video.
- First I will show what the consequences are with bad digital footprints.
- Secondly I will present how to manage your digital footprint in steps.
- I will end the video by using the quote from dhes.ny.org "Think before you post."
- My final product will be made out from Paint, Adobe Photoshop, Photo Story, Windows Live Movie Maker, Easy Bib, One Note, Prezi and my information resources.
- The music that I will use for my final product will be from what my group and I made in music class. PROJECT OUTLINE Research Question: Source Source Source • Footprints are created with your actions, activities and communication online.
• Do you have any idea what comes up when you search your name and other personal information?
• Is your information and other medias private to any specific people? If not did you know that your teachers, principle, classmates, and anyone with a computer could access those things you post?

• It doesn't need to be you who posts information about you, it could be your friends, the police, teacher or others.
If you post something related to sexual abbuse then you will go to jail. • When you log in, you would leave a digital footprint.
• What you post won't be removable.

What you post can be copied and passed on to anyone. Ways to manage your digital footprint.
• List all the social networking sites that you have signed up for.
• Find all the websites you have been to.
• Find all usernames and passwords that you have used.
• Use all the information that you have found (social networking sites that you have been to, websites, usernames and passwords) to search how bad or good your digital footprint shows to be.
• Use all the available privacy controls that are available to you.
• Even if it might be copied or passed on, it is still a good idea to remove all the in appropriate posts/photos/videos and take away too personal information to be safer in the future.
• Make sure you are able to block comments or monitor the one that are in appropriate.
• "Think Before You Post" quote of dhses.ny.gov All Images will be drawn by hand. HOW THE SOURCES ARE RELIABLE: SOURCE • The website is produced by an organization, which I know due to the .org in the URL.
• This website does not have any advertisements
• The authors are from a school (Granville Elementary School).
• On the bottom of the page it says "Teacher Websites" SOURCE • This video is made by an organization.
• The video is posted by the original producers (Common Sense Media)
• The organization SOURCE • The information is written by the government
• It is a newsletter
• The Director of the page has a reputation of digital knowledge as shows here: http://www.dhses.ny.gov/ocs/about/#director Animation Why? (How will this product show your finding in the best way) (PURPOSE) In my animation, I will start by showing the consequences that people are often in due to their digital footprints. Then I can show how the people can control their digital footprints more. The animation/video will be able to show the information in an interesting way. I think this can be proven as my inspiration came from the common sense media video: Who will be able to access your product? What's your audience? I want anybody to have access to my product. I feel that this would help raise awareness so it would result to have more controlled digital footprints on the internet. The animation will allow younger children to understand but it would also be appropriate for teenagers, young adults, adults and elders. However, the information is mainly focused on teenagers and young adults as the digital footprints consequences affect these age groups more. Younger children also have access to this information as it will prepare them for the future when they become teenagers and young adults. My Inspiration: Video BY: Common Sense.org DIGITAL FOOTPRINT BIBLIOGRAPHY: FINAL PRODUCT: Digital Footprint Privacy
Digital Footprint
How do you control/manage your digital footprint?
Managing/Controlling your digital footprint
Digital footprint problems/consequences
Digital Footprint Awareness (AUDIENCE) UNIT: Digital Citizenship Grade 8 Humanities What it truly looks like:
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