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iAm Kelly Cellini

You asked. I answered. Here's a template copy of my iCan Prezume you can save and edit for your own. Textual explanations of elements included. GOOD LUCK!!! More information on using social media to land a job can be found at: www.mandilindner.com

Kelly Cellini

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of iAm Kelly Cellini

Kelly Cellini

My Magic+


I attended the University of Tampa under a Division II softball scholarship, where I studied for 2 years.

After returning to school, I achieved the Dean's list all 3 semesters while taking care of an infant and working part time.

I continued to the University of South Florida College of Education to receive my Bachelor's Degree. During that time, I juggled my hefty college workload with raising a toddler, working for a charter school, and contributing to multiple student activity clubs. Despite this balancing act, I managed to graduate with high honors.
Most likely by now you've read my resume... but here are some details that you may not have read
While in college, I worked part-time for the YMCA. I received certification as a Personal Fitness Trainer. This began my love affair with health and wellness! Not only did I love helping people, but I was teaching them to become more healthy and motivating them to become successful.

I soon realized that the education would be more effective if I were able to catch people earlier in their lives. That lead me to USF and my career as a PE Teacher.

During my time at USF, I was offered a position as a part time PE teacher at a charter school. The Head of School had a unique challenge, and my professors recommended me as someone who could assist.

My curriculum included team-building challenges as well as cooperative activities. The students soon realized that working together is much more effective than working in opposition to one another. Not only did my program improve the student behavior during physical education, but the students' behavior in class and even at home was remarkably better.

Teamwork is also paramount to the eCommerce Community. As a leader, I would work to promote knowledge sharing across sites as well as between IHD agents, FIF agents and leaders as well as other communities.
I enjoy learning new things and helping others become successful.

If I don't know something, I don't mind asking, but I prefer to figure it out on my own. For example, I taught myself to quilt and learned Excel at the same time.

It may sound like a strange combination, but quilting is extremely precice and mathmatical. Here's what it looked like:

I network and collaborate with Cast Members both within and outside of eCommerce to find solutions for Guest Challenges regularly.

I cultivate these relationships by making myself available for those Cast Members should they need assistance in the future and asking if I can do the same.

I have also worked hard to build and maintain the bridge between Cast Members across the Orlando and Tampa sites.
I have created and presented multiple PowerPoint presentations and documents to assist my fellow eCommerce Cast Members as well as to other communities. Most recently, I explained the new "Travel With Pop-Up" to Travel Trade and "Family & Friends" and "multiple travel parties" to several Associate Teams.

I have also presented to several large groups including at professional conferences, public meetings, school assemblies, and open houses.

I continually look for opportunities to share my knowledge with others.

For example, in my current role as a "Fix-It Felix" /eCommerce Guest Care Specialist, I offer to screen share with the Agent with whom I am speaking. In these cases, the agent could have resolved the issue without assistance, but may not have known how to proceed.

This allows me to assist the Agent and the Guest with the current challenge, but also gives the Agent the skills to solve similar issues in the future.
With my love for health and wellness, I've inspired multiple Cast Members (and even my daughter) to complete RunDisney sponsored endurance events.
the right fit for this role!
Last year during the Tower of Terror 10 Miler, while running my "personal best" time, I stopped running and waited almost an hour for a fellow Cast Member who was struggling to finish. Once she arrived, I stayed by her side motivating her to complete the race and we finished side-by-side!
Excel allowed me to calculate the yardage for each type of fabric and this was the result:

YMCA Certified Fitness Trainer: Client instruction, goal setting, motivation, coaching

Presented “Acrosport” at FAHPERD (Florida Alliance of Health, Recreation, Physical Education and Dance) at multiple FAHPERD professional education conferences

Published “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words” along with Richard Kelley and Dr. Charles Smith. FAHPERD Journal. January 1999

Presented “Sport Education” physical education in-service continuing education for the District School Board of Pasco County. December 2001

Guest Speaker for Pasco Alliance for Community Associations in 2009.

Presented "Ticket Changes" to both Tampa and Orlando eCommerce communities. 2012

Member of Toastmasters International- October 2012-2013

Member of the Cast Advisory Council for the Disney Reservation Center 2012-2013

I am PASSIONATE about the eCommerce Community.

I am an out-of-the-box thinker that constantly strives to make eCommerce better, and our processes more efficient. The most recent example of this is the creation of an eCommerce knowledge base to streamline communication. This ensures that each Cast Member has quick access to the latest information and processes.

"If you are doing things a certain way, simply because that's the way you've always done them... you're probably doing it wrong."

I am PASSIONATE about eCommerce.

I am continually aiming to impove our community by evaluating our procedures to ensure that they are effective and efficient. The most recent example of this is the creation of a departmetal knowlege base. While still in its infancy, upon completion, this should increase efficiency by making information much easier to find as well reducing challenges and mistakes by giving agents access to the most accurate, up-to-date information available.
This was my very first quilt!
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