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YFC - Operations KIDS

No description

Maasha (no surname)

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of YFC - Operations KIDS

- Operation KIDS Purpose of project To... Operation KIDS VWO By: Foong Hui Min, Foo En Kyi,
Izzah Haziqah and Maasha
(Raffles Girls' School Secondary) • Canossaville Children's Home (CCH)

• Caters mostly to children from difficult family backgrounds

• Consists of:
A Home
A Student Care Centre • raise funds for the Canossaville Children's Home (CCH)

• enhance the academic and social development of the children

• raise awareness among the public Why CCH? Ideas Concert Street Sales Funfair Canteen
Booths Sponsor 2 locations, 2 core members at each site Performances
Selling of merchandise and drinks A Program Donation Drive
Targets Joint funfair with other teams Selling self-designed merchandise Targets Revenue: $10, 000 Volunteers: 100 Public Outreach 1000 20 60 + 2 per OT member + 40 (public) Action Plan Publicity Challenges & solutions Thank you! Phase 1: Planning and publicity

Phase 2: Fundraising

Phase 3: Public outreach and fundraising • Not endorsed by the school
Social media platforms
Plan B

• Sale of merchandise
Pilot of street sales Facebook YouTube Twitter • updates • videos • advertisements Secondhand Sale The real challenge
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