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Class Dojo

No description

Cory Allen

on 14 February 2014

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Transcript of Class Dojo

Class Dojo
What is Class Dojo?
Class Dojo is a fully interactive online behavior management system.
Class Dojo=Connected Environment
Behavior Management System
What does Class Dojo do?
Class Dojo goes with connectivism since teachers, students, and parents can communicate with each other easily.
Parents can look how well their child is behaving in the classroom, comment on their child's behavior
Students look up how they are doing the classroom, customize avatars or check on how their friends are doing
By using class dojo, parents don't have to worry about having those embarrassing parent teacher meetings where "Billy didn't tell me he was absent all this week from class." or "She said she finished all homework last week?!"
How to get started
Step 1
Get your student and parent code from the teacher
Step 3
Create Account
Go to classdojo.com
Step 2
ClassDojo is a wonderful little tool designed to help manage a learning environment on the fly.

ClassDojo allows educators to track progress, manage classroom behaviors(both positive and negative) and manage students response rates.

This tool can be shared with students and parents. There is even an app!
A student can use class dojo to show their parents how well they did in class so they can get that raise in allowance or get that new bicycle!
This is how ClassDojo looks.
Introducing Class Dojo!!!
A quick look at Class Dojo
Once you have the account
You can finally add or subtract students from your classroom
Give them positive or negative marks on their avatars
Make a GAME out of this!
Class Dojo is a valuable in today's classroom environment. It is a tool that allows students AND parents to maintain an active role in understanding the classroom environment.
Class Dojo can be used to manage the classroom, in real time, by giving positive or negative rewards to an infinite number of behaviors that an educator can create.
as a Teacher
An educator can also use Class Dojo to manage response rates within a classroom. A built-in randomizer will select a student and allow the teacher to ask questions based on the content of the class. No student can hide from Class Dojo.
An educator can also use a timer, to manage the class into "chunks" and allow students to know exactly when the class in transitioning into a new activity.
All in All
Finally, Class Dojo allows parents to engage in the classroom, by commenting on behaviors and viewing reports that can span the entire school year. Students will be held accountable with Class Dojo.
Class dojo is a great website for tracking your students behavior and participation in the classroom. It can be used in any classroom at any grade level. Where parents, teachers, and students can come together to achieve academic success!!!

Example: In a Galaxy, Far, Far, Away.....you are a teacher.

You have a student...say "Luke Skywalker," a student who doesn't want to be in school, and complains about the work(he'd rather be building droids back home.)
On this particular day, he fails to turn in his homework(something staying up late learning "the force") Class Dojo empowers you to give Luke a negative point and share it with their parent. Let's just say, the force was not strong with him.
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