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Top Ten Reasons Why Notre Dame Should Join The Big Ten From a Libraries Perspective

With all of this talk of realigning college football conferences, nobody is talking about what really matters: how does these changes affect college libraries? Dear Hesburgh Librarians, please join the Big Ten. Incidentally, if Notre Dame has a football

Michael Witt

on 11 June 2010

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Transcript of Top Ten Reasons Why Notre Dame Should Join The Big Ten From a Libraries Perspective

Bibliographies: the future of ? Michael Witt, mwitt@purdue.edu
Purdue University code4lib Midwest
June 11, 2010
University of Notre Dame Top Ten Reasons Why Notre Dame Should Join the Big Ten from a library's perspective #10 Renew old ALA book cart drill rivalries #9 Borrow from our combined library collections of over
80,000,000 volumes! People mistakenly believe the conference was created to support college athletics. They are mistaken. The Big Ten was, and continues to be, all about interlibrary loan. #8 HathiTrust, baby #7 The addition of Notre Dame will shift
the geographic center of the conference from Chicago
to Hammond, Indiana. Who wouldn't want to meet in Hammond? #6 Committee on Institutional Cooperation
meetings = beer and pizza at Giordano's #5 Even with the awesome combined bargaining power of the Big Ten plus Notre Dame,
publishers will still overcharge us for journal subscriptions...
but maybe we can get them to throw in a free toaster!
#4 The Big Ten library directors' group needs a tie-breaker
vote to settle the ages-old debate over METS versus MODS #3 The Big Ten will allow Notre Dame to keep its
exclusive $45 million contract with OCLC to perform
original cataloging
#2 Secret Big Ten Archives contains unpaid
overdue book fines from Reggie Bush that could
prompt the NCAA to revoke a few more years of
USC's victories over the the Irish #1 New Notre Dame football coach Brian Kelly will
convince the rest of the Big Ten coaches to donate
to their libraries too!
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