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BT Brand Language

No description

Christopher Goddard

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of BT Brand Language

Integrated Idea: ? Brand Language
Research Presentation Welcome... Our
Recommendations Brief Overview ''To take a detailed look at the consumer offers
of BT, Sky, Virgin Media and TalkTalk and
analyse the way each of these 4 brands use tone
of voice across a wide range of brand touchpoints
to see how BT could improve its use of language.'' Research
Objectives Methodology Overview 1. Secondary Research:
4 Touch Point Areas

2. Primary Research:
Focus Groups
In-Depth Interviews

3. Analysis and generation of themes 1. To audit the brand language used by the 4 brands across the 4 types of consumer touch points

2. To evaluate how consumers feel about the use of language by the 4 brands

3. To search for interesting uses of brand language from various types of companies

4. To generate ideas on how BT can further improve its use of language 4 THE BIG FOUR The Borough
Lancaster Tyrrells Crisps Soap
and Glory Younger Age Middle Age Older Age ''It's light hearted, I like it'' ''I think it appeals to a younger market'' ''Virgin's webpage reminds me of a dating page'' Male, 54, Sky/BT Customer Female, 21, Non Bill Paying Customer of Sky Female, 21, Virgin Customer ''It's dull, they need to try harder'' Female, 45, BT Customer ''It's relevant if you think
deep and hard enough,
but it's not so apparent'' Male, 54, Sky/BT Customer ''It seems like it could be a utilities company'' Male, 21, BT Customer ''I'm confused'' Female, 20, Non Bill Paying Sky Customer ''Richard Branson...makes it more personal'' Male, 42, Sky Customer ''It's a bit different... it makes you sit up and listen'' Female, 63, BT Customer ''I've always thought of it as a bling brand'' Male, 53, BT/TalkTalk Customer ''I would marry Sky, he's the
guy with the whole package'' Female, 22, Sky Customer ''Sky are bang on
trend and up to date'' Female, 20,
Non Bill Paying Sky/BT Customer ''It's like a bad Dad dancing at a wedding'' Female, 21, Non Bill Paying Sky Customer ''Alexander Graham Bell'' Male, 21, BT Customer ''It's more formal...and British'' Male, 42, Sky/BT Customer ''I chose BT due to dependibility and good customer service, even though it's a bit expensive'' Male, 54, Sky/BT Customer Above the Line Advertising Social Media
and Website Traditional Customer Service Legal Terms and Contracts TV Advertising Print/ Outdoor
Advertising TalkTalk Visual not verbal Confusing and Vague ''I don't think there's
enough to stick in your mind'' ''Nice but not engaging'' Male, 54, Sky/BT Customer Sky Arrogant Simple Language Fun ''It demands attention'' ''It's current'' Female, 21, Virgin Customer BT Technical Jargon Unrealistic ''People relate to the fact it's a story...'' Male, 54, Sky/BT Customer "They're quite wordy and complicated... I think they could be more direct" Female, 20, Non Bill Paying BT Customer "Boring" ''Lots of legal jargon, it's overcomplicated'' TalkTalk Virgin Virgin ''I laughed my socks
off at this ad'' Topical Familiarity with celebrity "I thought it was very topical,
especially after the Olympics" Sky BT Virgin TalkTalk Sky BT Topical 'BANTER' Social Media Legal Terms and Contracts Packaging Website ''We like to do things a little differently here at The Borough, so if you are just visiting the area why not treat yourself to a float on our boat!” Direct link to TV Ad Technical Jargon Comical Link to Branson Price Emphasis Wordy Technical Jargon Offers Play on strengths Functionality/ Content orientated Minimal language Iconic Figures Limited technical jargon Functionality Price No link to TV ad Limited language Automated Information heavy ''I didn't
understand' ''They're intimidating'' ''Like a doctor, professional but friendly'' Technical Jargon: ''I'm not listening'' Humour Clear message Traditional
Touchpoints Narratives Traditional
Touchpoints Disguising technical
jargon Realistic humour ''I like it to be fun and simple without lots
of technical language'' Social Media Lighthearted ''It's all about the price'' Final Integrated
Idea: Social Media
Language Legal Terms
Contracts Male, 50, BT/TalkTalk Customer ''Verbal communications were awful, they would promise something and wouldn't deliver on it'' Male, 54, ex-TalkTalk Customer Research Objectives Source: Qualitative Research Source: Qualitative Research Source: Qualitative Research Source: Qualitative Research ''Usain Bolt links well to speed'' Female, 42, BT Customer Male, 54, BT/Sky Customer TV Advertising TV Advertising Female, 42, BT Customer TV Advertising Male, 54, BT/Sky Customer Print/Outdoor Advertising Print/Outdoor Advertising Print/Outdoor Advertising Print/ Outdoor Advertising Social Media
and Website Social Media
and Website Social Media
and Website Social Media
and Website 18-29 30-55 56+ Female, 20, Non Bill Paying BT Customer &
Male, 54, BT/Sky customer Male, 54, BT/Sky customer Legal Terms and Contracts Female, 42, BT customer Personal Friendly Links to TV advertising Redirecting Generic Price orientated Personal Proactive Playful Content Orientated Cheesy Friendly and Helpful Inconsistent and Formal ''Keeping it all casual'' Female, 20, Non Bill Paying Sky Customer ''Didn't communicate what they are '' Female, 21, Non Bill Paying Virgin Customer ''...it made them seem the best'' Female, 19, non bill paying Sky customer ''Trying to attract young people, but it's not cool'' Female, 21, Non Bill Paying Sky Customer ''It's a dad joke'' Female, 20, non bill paying BT customer Positioning Grid Love Respect Brand Rankings Superbra - Norway Female, 21, Non Bill Paying Sky Customer Female, 19, Virgin Customer ''if it was genuinely funny, I would definitely share it on facebook'' Male, 21, BT Customer ''I like to follow a storyline that i can relate to'' Male, 54, BT/Sky Customer Male, 53, BT/TalkTalk Customer ''I just want to know what it does'' Female, 63, BT Customer Female, 72, Virgin Customer Personal Lighthearted Knowledgable Trustworthy Proactive Playful Simplified Summary Easy to read language
''Professional but friendly'' Male, 53, BT/TalkTalk Customer Colours to distinguish
sections Creates a ritual Makes you smile Engaging Thank-You
Any Questions?
Fire away.. "I thought they couldn't get any worse obviously I was wrong" Tenseman08, Youtube comment "Sky beats Bolt with Bruce Willis. Simple" Teh Raven, YouTube comment "I don't understand it. Watched it twice and don't get it. Can anyone explain what is the idea here? Thanks" Pepa007, YouTube comment "Virgin tried to pull a fast one" Daily Mail online consumer comment Playful Funny Techsmart Brenda Clear and Concise Disguising technical
jargon through showing problem solving scenarios Playing on
peoples negative
opinion Narrative Familiar team of
individuals ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? TV Advertising ? ? ? ? ? Heritage British Trust Nostalgia Initial idea: Optimum Hovis Internet Explorer - 90s kid SONY Fairy Liquid Funny Links between TV and
customer service Celebrity ''Alienating'' Unrealistic Younger Age Middle Age: Older Age: Love Respect Love Respect Love Respect TV Advertising Social Media
and Online Customer
Services Brenda BT: Brand and People Values BT Mood Boards Present Future “If I hadn't already left BT several years ago, these vomit-inducing ads would make me do so now” Patrica Ferguson, Glasgow, Daily Mail Website “Difficult to get through to the call center and all advisers have a very strong accent -difficult to understand
what they are saying.” Vera Broussova, Trustpilot.co.uk Hako9981, YouTube comment ''I loved the song in this advert'' Ohoraedel, YouTube comment Personifying BT Present: Future: 73 years old Big family Tech Savvy Gran -Trustworthy
- Helpful
- Inspiring
- Straightforward
- Heart Print and Outdoor WebChat A Quirky Idea...
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