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political pictograms 2


o schu

on 17 March 2010

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Transcript of political pictograms 2

pictograms? BARNBROOK commercial work non- commercial work APOCALYPSO 2000 apocalypse tasks:
- describe the pictogram
- what was the meaning of the pictogram when it was released in 1997?
- has the meaning changed to this date? millenium computer crash? end of the world? First Things First 2000
a design manifesto

We, the undersigned, are graphic designers, art directors and visual communicators who have been raised in a world in which the techniques and apparatus of advertising have persistently been presented to us as the most lucrative, effective and desirable use of our talents. […]
… designers [...] apply their skill and imagination to sell dog biscuits, designer coffee, diamonds, detergents, hair gel, cigarettes, credit cards, sneakers, [...]. Commercial work has always paid the bills, but many graphic designers have now let it become, in large measure, what graphic designers do. This, in turn, is how the world perceives design. The profession's time and energy is used up manufacturing demand for things that are inessential at best. […] There are pursuits more worthy of our problem-solving skills. Unprecedented environmental, social and cultural crises demand our attention. […]
manifesto published jointly by 33 signatories in:
Adbusters, the AIGA journal, Blueprint, Emigre, Eye, Form, Items
fall 1999 / spring 2000 Completed in 1997 Apocalypso became scarily prophetic. At the time, it was created to comment on the madness in contemporary society. We never imagined the whole context of it would change after September 11th.
Apocalypso is a font of pictograms, expressing a diverse array of problems and ideologies. A series of over 50 pictograms and 75 different crosses which may or may not be useful when the world ends. The name comes form the two words apocalypse (end of the world) + calypso (joyful west indian improvised music) = fiddling while rome burns. videos:
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