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Elizabethan Food

No description

Lisa Krzeszowiec

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Elizabethan Food

What are the key events/facts/concepts related to this topic? Cooking was a key event in Elizabethan Food.
Cooking Methods for Elizabethan Foods:
-Spit Roasting
Food in Elizabethan times were conducted over an open flame

Cooking utensils:

To serve the food:
A series of knives, ladles, forks, meat forks and scissors were used. Who was invloved? There were no selections on the type of people on who ate what. When big get togethers came along, only the more wealthier people were allowed to eat.The people who had less money were not invited. They had to find their own food. Elizabethan Food Date: Wednesday, November 7th,2012
By: Lisa Krzeszowiec
For: Mrs.Skjonsby When are the important dates? Seasons? Times? Elizabethan people had lots of feast days and festivals. Birthdays were less important during the Elizabethan era. They never used candles because they were so expensive and they were considered luxury items at the time. Instead of birthdays, they would celebrate their on their saint days or the day of their death.December 25th: Christmas Day
February 24th- Lambing (lambs were born around this time)
March 21st- First Day of Spring
June 2nd- sheep are washed and sheared (St. Elmos Day)
March 25th- New Years Day Where are the important locations? The most important places to eat in England were at restaurants.
-La Gavroche
-Locanda Locatelli
These places haven't been around for awhile but are very important/best places to eat in England. How does your topic relate to Cue for Treason? It relates to Cue for Treason as described on page 241, paragraph 4, in Chapter 21." She fished out a bundle tied up in a white napkin. Here Pete, oat cakes, cheese! Half a cold chicken! And- I say "a flagon of wine" - said by Kit. Why should we learn about this topic? We should learn about Elizabethan food because it informs us on what the Anglicans ate then compared to what we eat nowadays. Elizabethans were very strict on who ate what and when they ate. Nowadays you entitled to eat 3 meals a day and you are entitled to eating when and where you would like too. Thank You! Interesting/Important Information In the Globe Theater, food was able to be purchased. Lower Class people were entitled to eat 1/2 of bread, 1 pint of beer, 1 pint of porridge and 1/4 of meat.
Other types of food that were also being sold such as: crab, oysters, mussels, apples and oranges and many other fruits, many types of nuts such as hazelnuts( they were very popular at the time), pies and pastries, meats and dairy products.
Sugar and pepper were the types of ingredients that were used most often. Pepper was often used in every recipe to make dinners and sugar was used to make baking. Sugar comes from the sugar cane which was a popular crop during Elizabethan times.
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