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Whole Brain Teaching

No description

Lindsey Roush

on 4 May 2018

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Transcript of Whole Brain Teaching

Whole Brain Teaching
The Big 7


Speak in small chunks
Teacher: Teach!
Students: Okay!
3 Tiers of implementing Mirror
Step 1: Count class into pairs
Welcome to Teacher Heaven
The attention getter

However teacher says "Class"
Students reply with "Yes" with hands folded

How many types of Class-Yes can you brain storm?
3 Tiers of Class-Yes
Tier 1
Class- Yes

Tier 2
Class- BOOM!
Teacher: Class-BOOM with hands folded during BOOM
Students: Yes-BOOM also hands folded during BOOM and looking at teacher

Tier 3
Teacher: Shout out a gnarlie math problem
Student: Shout answer to gnarlie with hands folded

Mastery Level of Class-Yes
20 times daily
The Motivator
Plus or minus 3 Rule
*YOU are in control
*Teachers cannot win all the time!
We want to line up
first for lunch!
I want less
I want a
1 minute
dance party!
Scoreboard Levels
1. Scoreboard
2. Super Improvers Team
3. Practice Cards
4. Guff Counter
5. Independents
6. Bullseye Game
7. Agreement Bridge

Remind students:
FULL body turns & HUGE, ENERGETIC gestures!
Tier 1

Silent Mirrors
Teacher: "Silent mirrors hmmmm!" (placing finger over lips)
Students: "Silent mirrors hmmmm!" (also placing finger over lips)

Student will silently mirror the gestures of the teacher

Key point- Mirrors do not talk!
Tier 2
Mirror Words
Tier 3
Magic Mirrors
Teacher: "Mirror words!"
Students: "Mirror words!"

Teacher will speak in small chunks while gesturing
Students will mirror teacher's words and gestures

Teacher: "Magic mirrors ahhhhh" (wiggle fingers)
Students: "Magic mirrors ahhhhh" (also wiggling fingers)

Students will make their own gestures that correlate what the teacher is saying.
5 Classroom Rules
Rule 1
Follow directions quickly!
Gesture: Sail your hand forward
you want your kiddos to do
Rule 2
Raise your hand for permission to speak!
Gesture:Raise your hand in the air & open and close hand in talking motion
Uses: Keep those Chatty Cathies under control!
Rule 3
Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat......WOO!
Gesture: Raise your hand followed by fingers walking down your arm.
Uses: Keeps your students in their seats
during important class time

*Key point: Establish clear guidelines for your kids
Rule 4
Make smart choices
Gesture: Tap your temple
Uses: ANY behavior can fit under this one!
Rule 5
Keep your dear teacher happy
Gesture: Frame your beautiful, smiling face while nodding side to side
Uses: Have fun with this one!
Key point: Try to fit unwanted behavior under Rules 1-4 first.
The activator

The unifier

The organizer

The Leadership Team

Inform your students that you will be choosing members to be on a Leadership Team
*Select approximately 7-8 students
*Choose 5 leaders and 3 rebels
*Have the Leadership Team practice the 5 rules with the class.

Key Point: Your rebels will have to know the rules and the gestures to lead them to the class.
*They are soaking up all that wonderful attention that they crave oh-so much!
*This will get the rebels to transform into leaders and fully participate in class.
Mirrors in Action
Mastery Level: 20 times daily
When is a good time to practice?
*Before class starts/when class ends
*Before lunch or recess
*Walking down the hallway
Hands & Eyes
The Focuser
Teacher will use when you have an important point to share.
3 Tiers of Hands & Eyes
Tier 1
Teacher: "Hands and eyes"
Students: "Hands and eyes" with hands folded and looking at teacher.
Tier 2
Teacher: "Hands, hands, hands, and eyes!"
Students: "Hands, hands, hands, and eyes!" Hands folded and looking at teacher with an oh-so-anxious lean in
Tier 3
Teacher: "Aieee, Hands, hands, hands, and eyes!"
Students: "Aieee, Hands, hands, hands, and eyes" Glaring at the teacher like they will explode if they don't receive the teachers most exciting news of the day!
The Involver
*Ones & Twos
*Peanut Butter & Jellies
*Mario & Luigi

Step 2: Partner A teaches to partner B using TONS of energy and huge gestures while partner B mirrors.
Teacher: "SWITCH!"
Students: "UH OH SWITCH" while pulling down an imaginary light switch
Step 3: Partner B now teaches to partner A while using a mass quantity of energy and HUGE gestures.
Why use Switch

Mastery= 20 times daily
Andrea Shindler

Farrah Shipley
First Grade
Super Improver Team
What is the Super Improvers Team?
Let's think of a race.....
SIT is a method for students to improve on group and personal goals
What does SIT look like?
How do I implement in my classroom?
*Start around 3rd week of school

*Place student names on cards to display with color level cards
*Start by setting classroom goals
1. Neat handwriting
2. Following Rule 1
3. Energetic gestures
*Award stars when you observe improvements
How can I stretch out SIT
for the long, long, school year?
Secret Super Improver
1. Inform your class of selecting a Secret Super Improve
2. Hone in on a very challenging student. Assign them a very simple, yet secret behavior they should improve on.
Yet another, key point
After the newness of Leadership Team wears off....
ask the rebels with leaders to show the class the WRONG way to do the rules!
So you want to be an All-Star?
Teacher: Call out Rule _____
5 times daily when a rule is broken
Place an "S" on the student's name card on the SIT wall which reveals to all who the chosen student is.
Inform the student they can keep their secret or they can let the world know.
Key point: Ensure the student on how confident you are that they can meet their challenge.
You will eventually transform all of your students to Secret Super Improvers!

*When? Around Christmas time when times become a touch of craziness
Super Improver Buddies
Step 1: Select two students you know will work VERY well together and will help one another to improve.
Step 2: Students will meet for 5 minutes and develop a plan on how they will help each other improve.
*Students will inform class on how their progress is going.

Step 3: The rest of your class will be going crazy to have their own Super Improver Buddy!!

Here's the kicker!

Tell your students if they can start improving FASTER than before, then MAYBE, just MAYBE, they will be able to have a Super Improver Buddy.
Super Imrpover Ninjas
Step 1: Select yet another, challenging student and share with them the wonderful news that they have been awarded the title of the class's Super Imrpover Ninja
Step 2: You assign the ninja a "skill" that they need to spy other classmates doing.
The Kicker?!

The skill being observed is actually a skill the ninja needs to improve in!!!

Each day, the ninja will spy students successfully performing this behavior.

Before going to lunch the ninja will write the student's name that is performing the skill oh so wonderfully, and with ninja like skills, hand the teacher the note with the student's name inside.
Have a super secret ninja meeting with your ninja and discuss all their observations.

Make sure to let the ninja know how deeply IMPRESSED you are with the students performing the wanted skill.

This spying process continues for 1 week.
The ninja should write a new name down each day.
WHAT?! Another kicker?

The ninja has watched the desired behavior all week by MANY different students!
Let the ninja know, their new challenge is to now DEMONSTRATE the behavior they observed all week.
Teacher will now select a new ninja that will closely spy on the ninja from the previous week to ensure they are meeting their new ninja challenge.
If the new ninja reports that the previous ninja is demonstrating the wanted behavior, then previous ninja will earn DOUBLE stars on the
Super Improver Team!
Lindsey Roush
Third Grade
Recap of the Day
The Big Seven
1. Class-Yes
2. Teach-Okay
3. Scoreboard
4. Mirrors
5. Switch
6. Five Rules
7. Hands & Eyes

Super Improvers Team
*Secret Super Improver
*Super Improver Buddy
*Super Improver Ninja
Resources, resources, and even more resources
Need help or have a question?

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