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Presentación genérica Inglés

No description

Armando Mercado

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Presentación genérica Inglés

DWG Presentation
eCommerce strategy
DWG Commerce strategy definition methodology
Oracle ATG
Endeca & Web center sites
Multichannel initiative
Why DWG? Oracle ATG, Endeca, Web Center Sites & Recommendations implementation specialist eCommerce strategy definition 1 4 7 2 3 Oracle ATG DISCOVERY Gathering of initial information based on interviews with staff, meetings are held with the management of each area and the experts VALIDATION The objective of the validation phase is to verify every piece of information with their respective owner to avoid confusion or omissions. This phase objective is to begin engaging all the areas and functional groups with the e-commerce project and which later will be involved in various activities for which this knowledge is needed EVANGELIZATION BRAINSTORM Brainstorming be conducted by area in order to:
Identify potential opportunities
Use the diverse experience of all team members involved for creative problem solving
Involve team members in the design of the proposed solution
Assist in identifying the skills, tastes and preferences of people 5 STRATEGY DESIGN Within the e-commerce strategy design, the following points will be covered:
Increase sales
Increased conversion rate
Getting more customers
Attract more qualified traffic
Decrease bounce rate (bounce rate)
Reduce the dropout rate of shopping carts
Improve ROI
Reduce expenses
Develop improved profits
Develop customer loyalty
Maximize current traffic results
Plan to measure the level of success
Defining the initial Roadmap 6 REVIEW AND PRESENTATION This is the main phase of the project which will present the findings and ideas generated, and how they led to the definition of the proposed strategy.
We will analyze the different elements of the e-commerce strategy through repetitive meetings with various stakeholders to ensure the attainment of the scope defined at the beginning of the activities Introducing the e-commerce strategy to the board and the rest of the organization Strategy DISCOVERY EVANGELIZATION STRATEGY DESIGN STRATEGY VALIDATION REVIEW AND PRESENTATION BRAINSTORM Deliver targeted, user-centric experiences in a scalable way
Ingest any type of data from any source to power smarter, richer experiences
Guide and influence customers at each step of their experience to encourage exploration and discovery
Allow business users to change the customer experience and dynamically push updates—without engaging IT
Extend and manage the full breadth of Oracle Endeca's Web commerce capabilities into multiple channels PREGUNTAS PREGUNTAS WHY DWG ? Experience of over 17 years in web projects
Experience of over 12 years in business development and strategy
Experience of over 10 years in e-commerce projects
Experience in ATG/Endeca implementation, upgrades & migrations
Experience in the Latin America retail industry
We help our customers to achieve :

Better decision making
Reduced implementation time
Low learning curve
Faster and measurable results
More efficient and effective reaction
Vanguard PREGUNTAS Thank you ¿Why an eCommerce strategy? Endeca & Web Center Sites Started in November 2008

US & Mexico Facilities
Global Internet expertise since 1996
ATG related since 2004
Oracle Gold partner since 2011
México Projects: El Universal, Excelsior, PROSA, Accival, Best Buy, Liverpool, ...
US Projects: US Navy, American Airlines, Herbalife, US Postal Service, Nike, Road Runners Sports, ...

eCommerce Strategy is the art and science of planning and marshalling resources for their most efficient and effective use.
A method or plan chosen to bring about a desired future, such as achievement of a goal or solution to a problem.

If there is a misaligned strategy with the global objectives :

Undirected efforts
Repetition of activities
Opportunity loss for additional sales
Unsupported sales channels
Lower level than competition
Bad customer experience due to lack of channels integration Multichannel initiative Web Commerce
Commerce Service Center (Call center)
Business Intelligence
ATG Anywhere architecture (integrations)
Click to call & Click to chat Create, manage, and moderate contextually relevant, targeted, and interactive online experiences
Optimize customer engagement across Web, mobile, and social channels
Manage large-scale global online presences with integrations into other customer experience applications ENDECA Web Center Sites Businesses must adopt to serve today’s anytime-anywhere consumers in a seamless, personal way—be it on the Web, in a store, over the phone, via mobile device, or all of the above

• Unify the experience
• Personalize the journey
• Maximize the engagement
• Optimize the execution LATAM Company with LATAM professionals Streamline implementation through DWG proprietary proven methodology
Make merchandising faster and more efficient
DWG library of prebuild custom developments
Effectively share resources and assets across commerce sites
Centrally manage all of your sites and touchpoints easily and efficiently
Decrease operational costs and custom development
Maximize Out Of the Box features
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