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Lineage Po

No description

lindsey wilson

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Lineage Po

My grandmothers were strong.
They followed plows and bent to toil.
They moved through fields sowing seed.
They touched earth and grain grew.
They were full of sturdiness and singing.
My grandmothers were strong.

My grandmothers are full of memories
Smelling of soap and onions and wet clay
With veins rolling roughly over quick hands
They have many clean words to say.
My grandmothers were strong.
Why am I not as they?
As you can see...
This poem
by Margaret Walker is about the past and it reveals that she wishes she could be as strong as they once were.
Hello my name is Cassi and I'm Lindsey. Today we are going to be presenting to you, a poem called
by Margaret Walker. This poem is a good example of free verse poetry.

Margaret Walker
Margaret Walker was an African American poet and novel writer. She was born in Birmingham, Alabama on July 7th 1915. During her lifetime she was extremely famous for a poem titled "
For My People"
which she had won the Yale Series of Younger Poets Competition award in 1942. She focuses on writing about the topic of realism. She was extremely famous because she was one of the first black writers to ever publish literature. She died on November 30th 1998 of breast cancer.
What's lineage?
Lineage Poem

Language Devices
Throughout this poem there are examples of many language devices, including: repetition, hyperbole, and alliteration.
"My grandmothers were strong" (1,6,11)
This shows repetition because this line repeats three times in the poem meaning that her grandmothers were independent and memorable.
"They touched earth and grain grew" (4)
This shows hyperbole, because the statement is over exaggerated, to make it more exciting.
"...rolling roughly..." (9)
This shows alliteration because the author uses two words that begin with the same sound.
Thesis Statement
This poem
by Margaret Walker is about the past and it reveals that she wishes she could be as strong as her grandmothers once were.
The definition of lineage relates to
ancestry therefore, this poem must
be about a recent and close family
by:Margaret Walker
By examining the theme it is a very good proof for our thesis to be correct. There are more than one ways to prove our thesis. Another is imagery.
Tho imagery and theme are good examples to prove our thesis, so is repetition.
"My grandmothers were strong"(1,6,11)
These are three examples throughout the poem that prove our thought of repetition. The author states that her grandmothers were very strong. We all know we are the product of our parents and older relatives.

Proving our thesis
"My grandmothers were strong./ Why am I not as they?" (11-12)
By looking at the theme, the idea of the author stating that her grandmothers have passed and she wishes she was as they were.
Part 1
"With veins rolling roughly over quick hands" (9)
This is an example of imagery throughout the poem. We are able to picture the rough veins which is an example of tactile/visual. This shows the reader that she knew her grandmothers so well, she could describe them easily and she was very close to them before they passed.
In conclusion, the theme shows us that the authors grandmothers have passed away. The imagery proves to the reader that the author knew the grandmothers well while they were alive and she has memories of their features. The repetition proves the opinion on the grandmothers which was that the author believes her grandmothers were strong and she wonders why she is not as they because they are her ancestors. The poem
by Margaret Walker is about the past and it reveals that she wishes she could be as strong as they once were.
Work Citation..
Image of Margaret:
Image of Ancestry Tree:
Poem Citation:
Proving Our Thesis
Part 2
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