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Chapter 4 Lesson 2

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MR. S.

on 10 May 2016

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Transcript of Chapter 4 Lesson 2

Moving Blood
Many factors are involved when blood is moving through your body.
What Causes Blood Pressure?
The force with which ventricles contract causes blood pressure.
Capillaries merge and form larger vessels called veins.
Blood pressure
Similar to the way moving water exerts pressure on the walls of a hose, blood exerts a force called blood pressure against the walls of blood vessels.
Blood pressure is measured by using a cuff that is wrapped around the upper arm.
Chapter 4 Lesson 2
In your capillaries your blood moves slowly.
Blood flows into veins with little pumping force of the heart behind it.
Blood flows from arteries into tiny capillaries.
A single layer of epithelial cells are called capillary walls.
Blood enters veins and travels back to the heart.
Pages 111-113
By Jonathan Cartagena
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