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1940's Family Structure & Society

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Alex Clark

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of 1940's Family Structure & Society

Beginning of the New American Dream
The late 1940's was the beginning of the New American Dream which included the perfect family, television influence, the birth of Suburbia, organized labor, and social groups that were placed in society as wrong or unacceptable.
Television Influence
The Beginning of Suburbia
Shortage on housing
A man named William Levitt began building Tract Homes that cost around $6,990
This became another part of the new American Dream.
Church had also became big in society
Organized Labor
Many labor union had emerged
Highest number of strike in the past decade
Taft-Hartley Act was passed by Congress in 1947
After men came back from WWII, many of them got married and wanted to start a family of their own.

Women immediately gained this idea that their goal was to has the "perfect family" with them staying at home while taking care of a couple of their own children while also balancing work around the house, all while their husband is off at work earning the money.
1940's Family Structure & Society

The Perfect Family After War
In this century, sitcoms and commercials started emerging on television screens that influenced women to create the perfect life.
TV was persuading women to stay at home and be housewives
Sitcoms and shows formed the idea in womens heads that the best way to live happily was by pleasing their husband.
People Outside the Structure
African Americans
Marriage Problems
Divorce was seen as a bad thing
Interracial marriage was something that society frowned upon

Outside of their social ranking

Non-Heterosexual Men and Women
No protection against people with homophobic beliefs

Over the decade, places & people started to understand same sex men and women
Many African Americans were envolved in the war
War allowed openings for African Americans to change how they were treated
There were stilll people such as the KKK that didn't appreciate African Americans.
African Americans, non-heterosexuals, and people with certain marriage problems were either forced to conform to their society or be excluded.
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