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лиза дудка

on 22 September 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

The Bird

and Other
Wise Tales
The Bird of Happiness
and Other Wise Tales
Tim Herdon
What is secret of happiness, or the best thing for a wife to take with her when she leaves home?
How does a man pay for the smell of bread, or decide if he is lucky?
What happens when a friend steals a gift meant for you, or it careless when he tries to make his dreams of a better life come true?
How can you change dirt to gold, or get what you want?
The eight wise tales in this collection can teach us some important lessons about life.
A little bit about author
Tim Herdon
I've detected some information about this superb man:

"Tim Herdon is professional of the highest class and Master of teaching English with more than 20 years of experience. He is fluent in Spanish, Italian, French, the Poruguese and Japanese. Since the beginning of this year he again in Oxford is headed in the direction of Oxford Academy. To appreciate the degree of skill Tim, you just have to visit at least once Teacher seminar."

Of course it is a pity that we can't visit his seminar but we can read his terrific book. In this book he has collected 8 stories from 8 countries. Let's say him thanks all together!!
*the bird of happiness
In Russia wise tale (we can notice that only this tale called The Bird of Happiness, other have different names) we are talking about a boy, the son of a woodcutter. His family lived in poverty in a small wooden house and one day Igor(the boy) disaster struck. They've invited the Doctor: "I don't know what's wrong with him,-the Doctor said.-This winter many young children all over the country are becoming ill and die, and nobody knows why. I can't help you."
Think it over what had happen with Igor?..
Noo, no calm down everything was alright. But how this wooden bird saved the life of a little boy, you'll find out when read the book.
(Intrigue, isn't it?) :)
we are going to talk about.......
Yes, about children which had died in that harsh winter. Nobody saved them. No one helped these little children survive.
It isn't that I implying. I just want to say that you must believe. Don't say: "It's impossible. It's better let happen whatever would happen."
Silly bird.
I didn't believe.
It's false.
you promise me to believe in magic and I promise you don't mention this children again.
Only today you can buy..
In this wise tale from America one baker(his bread was the softest bread that you could imagine, and cakes...mmmm yummy!!) wanted to ordinary passerby paid "for the smells that he has stolen" which the passerby "stolen" when was looking through the window. Than they went to the Judge(this baker was so mercantile). And one minute later the passerby paid. Yeah! I'm not kidding. But the whole point in HOW he paid. Ooy, I'll not open you the secret guys:)
*I know you feel this smells..)
or tale about bananas
*in this tale characters haven't got names, so the name Kyle is random
Hello, Kyle! How are you?
-Good evening Mrs Liza. So far so good, thanks. And you?
-Oh, I'm very well. You looks so joyful. It's 'cause you' happy to seeing me?
-No...uh...I mean yes. Of course. But there is one more reason. Very soon my dream fulfilled. All my life I was trying to turn dirt into gold. I was sure that this way I with my wife could one day be rich without working.
-And what? You've invited secret elixir?
-No, I haven't. My father-in-law said:"The special thing is a silver powder that grows on the back of the leaves of the banana plant. This is a magic powder."
-Wow, and..and you've extracted this powder?!
-No, I haven't. I need slightly lager. I can't wait for the moment I'd get rich!
-Mm, well. But are you going to order something in this wonder restaurant?
-No, I'm not. I'd rather eat a banana.
this guy
become rich!
Do you want to know how?
You'll know the answer at the end of the presentation.
Let's go!!!
Magic travels all over the world from country to country.
The Bird of Happiness was only in one tale but to my mind this bird was in ALL tales. It was behind scenes.
It fly all around the Earth and maybe she'll be back in Russia again. To you.
Oh, my God!!!
Even my cat and snails
read this book!
Do you remember that I promised to tell you about how a guy who was producing the magic powder became rich?
So he became rich......because..... all the time while he was collecting powder, his wife sold bananas from banana tree!!
Don't you get bored?!
Read books and improve your English!
Links which I used:
Pictures from: www.google.ru
Information about Tim Herdon from: www.relod.ru
Teacher: Kovaleva Olga Vladimirovna
Author: Pereskokova Liza
Some words from: www.lingvo-online.ru/ru
The main site: prezi.com
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