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Journeying to the 6 Regions of South Carolina

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Erin Hudgens

on 22 August 2016

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Transcript of Journeying to the 6 Regions of South Carolina

Journeying to the 6 Regions of South Carolina
The Blue Ridge Region
The Piedmont Region
The Outer Coastal Plain
South Carolina has 6 Regions:
Blue Ridge
Inner Coastal Plain
Outer Coastal Plain
Coastal Zone
The Blue Ridge region is the smallest of the 6 regions.
It has many mountains- they are all part of the Appalachian Mountain Chain.
There are also many forests, streams, and waterfalls.
Sassafras Mountain is the highest point in South Carolina!
Here's a quick video review of the Blue Ridge Region.
"Piedmont" means "Foot of the Mountains"
Pied = foot
Mont = Mountain
This region has many rolling hills and valleys.
The Inner Coastal Plain
Sandhills Region
The Coastal Zone
This region used to have great farm land...
Unfortunately, the farmers didn't take care of the soil. After a while, only red clay was left.
One crop that grows well in this region: PEACHES!
Waterfalls and rivers helped power the early textile mills and factories
The Piedmont is the biggest region- and the region we live in!
Check out some waterfalls that can be found in this region.
This region was once the coast line of South Carolina.
You can find sand, shells, and even fish fossils in this region.
There is very flat land and sandy soil that is not good for growing crops.
The sandhills regions is on a fall line- this means the rivers drop quickly and form rapids.
This region is where the capital (Columbia) is and...
The University of South Carolina!!
The inner coastal plain has many forests.
Because there are so many trees, logging is a very important industry here.
This region also has the best soil in South Carolina.
Cotton, wheat, and soy beans are some of the crops grown here.
This region is very flat.
There are many swamps, rivers, and streams.
Remember- swamps are landforms with fresh water, many trees, and wildlife.
The Coastal zone is only 10 miles wide! It starts at the Atlantic Ocean.
One special land form is a barrier island. It protects the coast from erosion.
There are also many natural harbors.
There are also many marshes-these were used for growing rice in the 1700's!
Today this region relies on tourism for their money.
Tourism is when people visit an area for vacation.
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