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Lion King

The Lion King

Eugene Ang

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Lion King

Double click anywhere & add an idea Lion King of the Jungle THE ‘LION KING’ CLOZE (VERBS)

Hundreds of animals _____________ at the bottom of Pride Rock a tall, flat ledge that _____________ over the rest of the savanna.
Zazu, a small blue bird with a large beak _____________ to the ledge. He _____________ to Mufasa, a powerful, dignified lion with a _____________ red mane.
Rafiki, an elderly baboon with white hair slowly _____________ up to the ledge and _____________ Mufasa warmly. They walk back to a cave where Mufasa’s wife, Surabi, _____________ a tiny lion cub in her paws. Smiling, Rafifki _____________ over Simba, the baby lion and _____________ his walking stick which has two melons tied to it. Simba _____________ his paws at the melons playfully.
Rafiki breaks one open. The wise old baboon _____________ his thumb in its juice and _____________ a line on Simba’s forehead. Then he _____________ a handful of sand and _____________ it over him. Simba’s parent’s, Mufasa and Sarabi smile and _____________ their heads together. Rafaki, who is much smaller than the adult lions takes Simba up in his arms. Carrying him like a baby, he _____________ slowly to the edge of the ledge then _____________ Simba high in the air for all the animals to _____________ .
The antelopes _____________ up and _____________ their front hooves. The elephants _____________ their trunks in the air in a salute. The monkeys _____________ up and down, _____________ with joy. The zebras _____________ the ground, sending up clouds of dust. High above them, Simba _____________ from Rafiki’s arms looking small and scared.
A ray of sparkling sunshine _____________ down on Simba like a spotlight. Far below the animals bow, their heads nearly touching the ground. From far away we see every animal from the savanna _____________ respect to their king’s new son.
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