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"Bones and Shadows"

No description

Brittany Reichard

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of "Bones and Shadows"

"Bones and Shadows"
Written by: John Philip Johnson

Her cat's bone in the glass case: her own self locked away in her house.
compares him mewing to background music, which could symbolize him being always in the back of her mind.
The cat's shadow could represent her loneliness, or depression. She finally sees the shadow full on, which might symbolize her realizing how she is keeping her self stuck in a rut.
Likewise, her letting the cat's shadow out could symbolize her decision to let her loneliness go, and to get back out into the world.
The cat's shadow looks like a cat, but doesn't at the same time, which could represent her not really knowing who she is.
It is winter outside, which helps with the mood and setting.
She stands in the door, lets the cold breeze wash over her, and wishes she could slip outside like the shadow. But she doesn't.
The threshold/door could be linked back to her own form of glass case keeping her, and her bones, inside.
The faded floral dress seems like a small beacon of hope, because it's only faded, not ruined, just like her spirit is only faded, not ruined.
Reminded me of Peter Pan.
Theme: It's hard to let go of feelings and memories.
What I Liked
He lives in Lincoln, Nebraska.
Graduated and got his masters at the University of Nebraska.
He has five kids.
He works at his wife's company.
When I'm old and grey, I picture myself as a cat lady.
love animals, and I can relate to the feeling that the lady has about still feeling like your loved animal is there by your side, when really they have passed on.
Plus, I really like strange poetry and eerie stories.
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