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Body Image

No description

afeera ahmed

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Body Image

Self esteem is important for every woman and their bodies

Many women do not notice that they are taking the body they have for granted and they don't realize that the way their bodies are, is what they should be proud of

Many overweight women do feel proud to be in the bodies that they are, and do realize that even though their weight may not be of the norm, they still make themselves be a better person than the fake caked up barbie dolls Be Proud of who you are! Tips on Improving Body Image 1. Recognize who is the owner of YOUR body, no matter what the shape or size it is.
2. What can you realistically change on your appearance. --->Humans are not perfect "Real people aren't perfect and perfect people aren't real"
3. Make goals for yourself on what you can change
4. Say no, when you hear negative comments coming from within
5. Give yourself compliments, at least 3 a day Whats Real and Fake Media doesn't always give off the negative side of body image, but as well as the positive Media's Portrayal Of Body Image Positive Effect Negative Effect Media and Body Image - Photographs of models are almost always modified or enhanced in some way. Not even the models look like their fashion photographs. Facts/Statistics - The average American women are 5’4 tall and weigh 140 pounds. The average American models are 5’11 and weigh 117 pounds. - We often think that being thin is healthy because that’s what society tells us. - Media tells us that being thin is healthy and will bring us success and happiness. - We often compare ourselves to our peers and Medias “Image” of the ideal women, which are usually airbrushed. - Media influences those around us to also judge the way we look. For example our peers and or sometimes even our parents. - Magazines don’t really care about youth body image. They portray an unrealistic beauty and one that is unattainable in order to make money. - The “ideal” woman, as portrayed by models has gotten thinner over the years. They are now 20% under the average weight. - A 1995 study showed that spending three minutes looking at a model in a magazine caused 70% of women to feel depressed, guilty, and ashamed. - ½ of women that are smokers smoke because they want to lose weight. - At age 13, 53% of American girls are “unhappy with their bodies”. This grows by 73% when girls reach the age of 17. - 54% of American girls and women aged 12 to 23 years old are unhappy with their bodies. - 75% of girls as young as nine years old have dieted from 2 to 5 times in a year. •5 to 10 million women and girls have eating disorders that harm their health, including anorexia and bulimia Anorexia- A serious and sometimes deadly disease. People with Anorexia see themselves as overweight even when they’re not. They limit what they eat. 10% of people with anorexia will die. Bulimia- A eating disorder of binging and purging. People with bulimia will eat a lot of food and then find ways of ridding the food. Bulimia can lead to various physical problems such as teeth erosion, swallowing issues, rupture of the esophagus, rectal damage and dehydration. If Barbie Was Real - 5’9”tall and weighs 110 - She would have a Body Max Index of 16.24, considered severely underweight. - 39’ bust, 18’ waist, 33’ thighs, and a size 3 shoe -If she was a real woman she would not be able to walk upright,
she would have to walk on all fours. Resilience
People who believe in
themselves are better
able to recognize
mistakes, learn from
them, and bounce back
from disappointment. Abstract Art Get rid of your body fat She's wearing a bikini in
order to get the attention of women.
they need to have a body like hers
in order to wear a bikini and look attractive. uses the outline of her chest and body for product in order to remind
customers that they can get a hot body. implicit:
pills to get rid of body fat. explicit:
if you want to be hot and attractive like Kim K. you need to lose your body weight. - A study by the UK National Health Service found that hospital admissions for men with eating disorders had risen by two-thirds between 2001 and 2011. - Body dissatisfaction amongst boys and young men is fuelled not just by the idealized male bodies they see in media, but also by the idealized images of women that are represented. MEDIA What is it about this that appeals
to its target audience? The woman is attractive, her cleavage
shows and she is wearing red lipstick
which symbolizes hot and sexy. Who produced this media text? DOLCE & GABBANA Whose point of view is shown? The customers Who is the targeted audience? How do you know? Does this appeal to you. Why or why not? It doesn't appeal to me because firstly it's a women selling
the product not a man. Also because the women is placed
in the ad to look like a sex object, with the red lipstick and her cleavage showing. The targeted audience for this ad is both women and men because at the bottom of the ad it says "The One". Men Effected by Media Portrayal Of "Ideal" Man With the Dove real beauty campaign, this shows how women are treated with respect in the media and show how these woman are not afraid of who they are, in terms of body size Healthy Self Esteem -Positive body image=like and accept yourself, even if you don't fit into some media "perfection"
-When realizing what your body is and how its different from what the media has portrayed it to be, you learn to respect it more
-Optimistic attitude=Strong , don't degrade yourself Media Text Audience Production What kind of meida text is this? Billboard Are there any stereotypes? Yes Who is the target audience? Females What appeals the audience Colour, shape of the models How is this media
text sold to the public? Through all the false images that have been kniited into media Male's Representation - Since girls are compared to the barbie doll, men are compared to the G.I Joe figure.
-55 inch chest
-27 inch bicep
-Bicep would be almost
as big as his waist Visual Representation Representation Of Forever Glass -2 main visuals shown; Female and an hourglass
-Female: what the media perceives the female body to be
-Hourglass: the shape that media and men are locked into, this "idealist" shape that mocks the female mind
-Woman are seen as objects
-FOREVER GLASS -Women are stronger than just objects and they shouldn't be exploited based upon the way media treats them
-Some don't frown upon thier body and they ignore what is being said about them

Follow some tips that guide many women to be stronger and more positive about thier body image. “The human body is the best work of art.”

― Jess C. Scott Forever Glass
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