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Decomposers Alyssa

No description

M2K Kids

on 9 November 2013

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Transcript of Decomposers Alyssa

Humans eat all the food in this food web so that is why the arrows are pointing to the human.
Food Webs
By Alyssa Picciano

A food web is a diagram that combines many food chains into one picture.
What is a food web?
What do the arrows mean in a food web?
Here is a example of what some of the food webs look like. This is the soil food web.
The arrows show the energy relationships among organisms.
Why do we need to learn about a food web?
You need to learn about a food web because when you get into fifth grade this will probably be on the OAAs. They will ask you what it is and you may have to draw one. That is just important in science.
There are many many food chains but a food chain can only describe one way energy flows in an ecosystem.
This is a animal food web
Hope you learned a lot!!
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