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Typical Australian

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 4 September 2015

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Transcript of Typical Australian

I moved here 3 months ago, "I am" in year 5, I am 10 years of age, I have 1 sister 2 parents- Mum and Dad both married. My favorite sport is basketball, I played basketball for 6 years, I did swimming for 7 years, I play indoor soccer, and I play tennis. I am from Canada- Ontario. I have access to internet. I live in a 1 storied house, I have 1 car TOYOTA, I lived in Canada- Ontario for 10 years of my life, and I am a twin!! This is my life of living in Australia.
Census data
My perceptions
A typical Australian plays soccer and tennis in a club, does swimming nippers and travels on holidays 3-4 times a year.
Typical Australian

By: Neil. S
What A Typical Australian is!!
First of all I think that a Typical Australian has to be born in Australia or born somewhere else and move here when your 1 or 2 years of age. I think you should have 1 sister a 2 storied house 2 dogs, 2 cars, they play Tennis, basketball, hockey, swimming, skating, and soccer, and they have access to internet as well as devices to [ 4 devices]. This is data that will describe the characteristics from what I think a typical Australian life is like.
My perceptions!
My perceptions!
My perceptions of what a typical Australian has 2 parents married, has 3 TV's. A child typical Australian is 11 or 12, and there in year 5 or 6.
From the data collected from the 2011 census I have discovered multiple facts from that data. From the data collected a typical Australians adults average age is 37, the average typical Australians kids age is 10 or 11, they have 2 dogs a 2 storied house with 5 bedrooms, they have 2 brothers or 2 sisters, the typical gender of an Australian is female because there are mostly female's in Australia from the 2011 census. They have 2 parents married, they play tennis soccer AFL or rugby for sports, they have access to internet, they travel 2-5 times a year, and they live in the city, Brisbane/QLD or Sydney/NSW. This data are the actual facts of how a typical Australian's life is.
My idea of how an typical Australian lives and what they do for their hobbies is interesting.
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