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Who is Jacques Marquette

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Jazlyn McKay

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of Who is Jacques Marquette

Areas Explored
St. Ignace
Portage, Wisconsin
Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin
Reason for Exploring
Fun Fact
Jacques Marquette spoke and knew half a dozen Native American languages.
Results and Contributions
Jacques Early Life
(June 1, 1637 - May 18, 1675)
Jacques was born on June 1, 1637. Jacques Marquette was born at Laon in France. He was born into a wealthy and noble family who served France as soldiers. Jacques was educated and attend school that was ran by Jesuit priests. At the age of 17 Jacques joined the Society of Jesus .
Who is Jacques Marquette?
Made By: Jazlyn Terrell
Fun Fact
Jacques Marquette was honored on the one-cent Trans-Mississippi Exposition Issue!
Thank You!
The purpose of the expedition was to find if the great river (Mississippi River) flowed into the Gulf of California, which would have allowed the French to reach the Pacific and the far east. A contract among seven unknown men was made in order to finance the voyage.

Jacques Marquette's main achievement is that he found the northern part of the Mississippi River with Louis Joliet. They were the first Europeans to do this.
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