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Shopping for the Right Marketing Mix

Presented on November 13, 2012 at the

Eric Diaz

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Shopping for the Right Marketing Mix

Speaker Name here Title goes here Speaker Name here Title goes here
Presented by:
Eric Diaz – DK Web Consulting
Ruben Hernandez – FACIL Marketing
hernandez@dkwebconsulting.com Questions Recommendations Leverage ad buys for maximum Earned Media
Integrate Earned Media with social media, traditional & digital ads, websites, and videos Earned Media &
Marketing Mix Bilingual, bi-cultural
Experienced – Worked in media
Good relations with Hispanic media
Constant contact with mall stores Mall Media
Relations Director Celebrity driven
New, trendy
Community oriented
Entertainment What Hispanic
Media Wants Several local malls actively targeting Hispanics both on and offline Example: Phoenix
Area Malls Bloggers enable companies to reach large audience
Relatively inexpensive
Pitch should be appealing to blogger Trends – Bloggers Mobile marketing will become more important as Hispanics over-index in use and adoption of mobile Trends – Mobile
Marketing Hispanics 48% of U.S. population growth in 2010
Reflect in your marketing
Ongoing research of area Hispanic customer demographics
Mall retail mix, employees should reflect customer base Trend: Malls Becoming
Melting Pot
Give people added incentive to come to your establishment
Give people a reason to keep the relationship going online Trend: Combining Online and Offline Trends
Examples: Phoenix Area Malls
Earned Media Dynamics
Questions Agenda Ruben Hernandez – FACIL Marketing
Eric Diaz – DK Web Consulting Shopping for the Right Marketing Mix Telemundo/NBC
Rolling Stone
Cable programming
Mun2, nuvoTV, HP Latino Voices, Fox Latino
Bilingual, bicultural Trend: Old Competitors,
New Partners
Cause marketing with local Hispanic nonprofits
Nonprofit internal media – Twitter, Facebook, print & e-newsletters, website, TV, radio
Latina/o bloggers Other Hispanic
Media Channels Several local malls actively targeting Hispanics both on and offline Example: Phoenix
Area Malls
Price Comparisons
Proximity Alerts
Mobile Payments
Mobile Coupons Trends – Mobile
Features Covergirl speaks to acculturated Latinos in English via social media Trends: English
Latino Marketing Trend: Events with High
Profile Latinos Prince Royce with Honey Bunches of Oats
Doctora Aliza with CVS
Aaron Sanchez with Bud Light Balance is best: All marketing channels should complement each other
Ongoing research of customer demographics
Websites should be mobile friendly
Keep the relationship going online
Consider celebrity mall partnerships
Hire experts, internally or externally Presentation available at:
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