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nsbgamer - programming Operating Systems

for Game & Sim Programming

nsb gamer

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of nsbgamer - programming Operating Systems

Operating Systems OS Architecture Detail Layered View of a Computer System Software Performs essential operations tasks Examples:
Operating System
Utility programs
Disk Cleaner
Disk Defragmenter
File Managers (etc.) Three types of programs user / application programs
programs used by the users to perform a task system programs
an interface between user and computer driver programs
communicate I/O devices with computer Hierarchy of Computer Software Operating System a collection of programs which control the resources of a computer system written in low-level languages (i.e. machine-dependent) an interface between the users and the hardware when the computer is on, OS will first load into the main memory Basic Functions of the OS Device configuration
Controls peripheral devices connected to the computer File management
Transfers files between main memory and secondary storage, manages file folders, allocates the secondary storage space, and provides file protection and recovery Memory management
Allocates the use of random access memory (RAM) to requesting processes Interface platform
Allows the computer to run other applications Cross-Platform Issues developing software for, or running software, on more than one type of operating platform. Machine-independent Programming Languages
JVM - Java Virtual Machine
Markup Languages
*saves time
*develop the program on different computers Good OS efficient time spent to execute its programs should be short small in size memory occupied should be as small as possible reliable
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